Easter Events! Edit

  • Ended
  • Mar. 26 2015

Easter Events! Edit

Event Period : 3/26-4/16


It's time to come together for this years Easter Events! Benny Bunny awaits you to collect Bunny Dolls to give him for goodies!

There are two ways to obtain Bunny Dolls!

  • Easter Basket - There is a good chance an adorable Foolish Bunny Acongs (Lvl 35) will appear in battle and can drop Easter Baskets!
  • Easter Egg - Obtained from the Easter Basket. It contains a number of awards... and even Bunny Dolls!
  • Easter Egg - Also obtained from the Easter Basket. This egg will jump you into a Boss Battle. The Boss has a high chance of dropping Bunny Dolls.
  • Hint - Don't let the Bunny Heart drop fool you!

Once you collect your Bunny Dolls, head over to the ever-so-towering Benny Bunny, who is waiting for you at the Rome Gate, to start opening those Legendary Weapon Pouches!

Bunny Dolls Exchange Reward
200 Legendary Weapon Pouch II
100 Extra Inventory License(30 Days)
10 Ancient Book Of Knowledge (Merc Only)
50 Ancient book of Intelligence(Merc Only)
2 Water of Live(Event)
1 Ambrosia(Event)

Note: All event tagged items will be deleted on 4/16.