A dungeon is an adventuring area, usually located underground or within the confines of a structure, where a player may face their most taxing trials but also obtain the most extravagant rewards.

Dungeons are closed from Reset Time to Reset Time + 1 hour.


Although most dungeons are communal, some special dungeons, or parts of dungeons, may be instanced. Instanced dungeons are copies of a dungeon that can only be accessed by a limited set of players and expire after a certain amount time. For example, dungeons that require a key to open and boss rooms are always instanced.

Cool Downs Edit

Many dungeons have cool down times. These times can be viewed on the Dungeons tab of the Character Sheet.

Other dungeons, such as Olympus Tower, can simply be done once a day between Reset Times.

Dungeon ListEdit

The tables below list each of the dungeons in the World of Atlantica, their location, and the minimum level required to enter the dungeon. Also included is the type of equipment box that can be obtained by defeating monsters in each dungeon, which determines the type of equipment set that can be obtained.

Individual Dungeons Edit

Read all about Individual Dungeons, plus see the list of Individual Dungeons, on the Individual Dungeons page.

Guild DungeonsEdit

Read all about Guild Dungeons, plus see the list of Guild Dungeons, on the Guild Dungeons page.

Nation DungeonsEdit

Read all about Nation Dungeons, plus see the list of Nation Dungeons, on the Nation Dungeons page.

Squad Dungeons Edit

Squad Dungeons can be entered by a squad of players, regardless of guild or nation affiliation.

Some of these are raids, some normal combat dungeons.

Main DungeonsEdit

The main dungeons are those which pertain to the main quest line. In some dungeons, different kinds of crystals can be obtained from the monsters within. Apart from Ashen Crystals, these must be obtained from the monsters in the Shadow Dungeons. Some dungeons may also have a quest line that requires visiting a certain dungeon in order to obtain a particular mercenary.

Dungeon Location Level Boxes Crystal Mercenary
Forest of Spirits Hangyang north
Harbin northwest
Sapporo east
Pusan west
0 [Spirit Equipment Box] - -
Ruins of the Yellow River Beijing west 8 [Spirit Equipment Box] Ashen Monk
Sea Palace Shanghai south 16 [Sea King's Equipment Box] Ashen -
Angkor Wat Phnom Penh northeast 24 [Angkor Wat Equipment Box] Ashen -
Nest of Insects Kathmandu southeast 32 [Insect Equipment Box] Ashen -
Mohenjodaro Graveyard Mumbai southeast 40 [Insect Equipment Box] Giant Beast Trainer
Bran Castle Bucharest northwest 46 [Bran Castle Equipment Box]
[Dark Knight's Equipment Box]
Redemption Witch
Cretan Labyrinth Athens southeast 52 [Bran Castle Equipment Box]
[Dark Knight's Equipment Box]
Redemption Princess
Devil's Forest Moscow north 57 [Babylon's Equipment Box] - Exorcist
Hanging Gardens of Babylon Baghdad south 57 [Babylon's Equipment Box] Phoenix Prophet
Valley of the Kings Cairo southwest 65 [Pyramid Equipment Box]
[Osiris's Equipment Box]
Redemption Oracle
Sunken Machine Shrine Lisbon west 73 [Pyramid Equipment Box]
[Osiris's Equipment Box]
Dragon Inventor
Shogun Castle of Death Tokyo southwest 78 [Shogun's Equipment Box] - Cannoneer
Lost Volcano Valley Moscow east 88 [Volcano Valley Equipment Box] - -
Yggdrasil Ostersund northwest 93 [Volcano Valley Equipment Box] Phoenix Lady Knight
Constantinople Battlefield Istanbul southwest 96 [Conqueror's Equipment Box] Dragon Janissary
Frozen Adlivun Ostersund northwest 98 [Conqueror's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]
- Northern Viking
Bloody Dust Bar New York southwest 100 [Conqueror's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]
- -
Detroit City New York west 102 [Conqueror's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]
- -
Path of Immortality New York southwest 104 [Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]
[Divine Armor Box]
[Divine Weapon Box]
- -
Lijiang Women's Village Chang An southwest 108 [Divine Armor Box]
[Divine Weapon Box]
- -
Bulguksa Pusan west 112 [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Box] - -
Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Chang An west 115 [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Box] - -

Upgrade DungeonsEdit

Upgrade dungeons are optional dungeons that require high value items to start the quest chain that visit them and reward the player with powerful rings for their main character that are unique to these quest chains.

Dungeon Location Level Boxes Reward
Abyss of the Taj Mahal New Delhi south 50 [Bran Castle Equipment Box]
[Dark Knight's Equipment Box]
[Gemstone Ring Box]
Necropolis Cairo south 80 [Pyramid Equipment Box]
[Osiris's Equipment Box]
[Gold-plated Ring Box]
Sea of Clouds Tower Chang An south 100 [Conqueror's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]
Level 100 Main Character skill

Raid DungeonsEdit

Raid Dungeons aka Raids count towards Dungeon Points, meaning that you need Dungeon Points to run raids. Raids cost 10 DPs the first run, 40 DPs on the second run.

All raid dungeons use TBS combat and no mercenaries are allowed (meaning only your main character can participate). Up to 10 players can participate in raid dungeons. The boss monster is extremely powerful, so the fewer players attempt the dungeon, the better their gear and coordination has to be.

A maximum of 15 players can join a raid.

Raid dungeons were added to Atlantica Online in the Elements of War - Incursio update.

Dungeon Location Level
Centaur Hero (hard) Vancouver south 155
Forgotten City (hard) Titan Outpost west 145
Garden of Life's Song (hard) Centaur Village Outpost west 160
Golden Empire Defense (hard) Amazon Expedition east 155
Labyrinthos Rome 110
Labyrinthos (hard) Rome 135
Overlord's Onslaught (hard) Chang An southeast 150

Closed Dungeons Edit

Name Notes
Goonzu World Goonzu World was removed on Oct. 24 2013 with the Stormcaller update.