Dispatcher Flora is a Daily quest NPC near the town of Shanghai in Northeast Asia. The quest chain can be started at level 15 and above.

After completing quest 1 and 2, you may select between 3a and 3b.


Quest Objective Exp Gold Stamina Items
1: [Opening a Map] Open World Map 1,500 3,000 0 [Flora's Culture Box]×1
2: [Checking the Item] Open Inventory Window 1,500 3,000 0 [Flora's Culture Box]×1
3a: [Hidden Bronze Jar] Fetch [Cerulean Mold]×1 1,500 3,000 0 [Flora's Culture Box]×1
3b: [Wuyi Palace's Wen Xie] Kill [Wuyi Palace's Wen Xie] (1) 1,500 3,000 0 [Flora's Culture Box]×1
Totals 6,000 12,000 0 4

Hints Edit

  • This may be the first time that the player must actually click on the quest in order to select it, as up to level 18 and beyond many quests automatically select the only option for you. As this quest is one of the first to give you a choice, you must click on the quest (ex: "open map" then hit accept for the quest to register.)

Quest 3aEdit

  • Watch out for monsters around the Land of Power, because they are very strong and will attack without being provoked.
  • Check the coordinates through the World Map [M]. Northeast Asia Area (X: 935, Y: 413)

Quest 3bEdit

  • Check the coordinates at Northeast Asia Area (X:947, Y:2699).

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