The Diary tracks a list of daily tasks. This list resets daily at reset time.


Most Diary items allow you to gain bonus experience some of the items on it allow you to gain Dungeon Points and Home Points.

The Diary is part of the User Interface and can be opened from the My Info menu > Diary, or by pressing Alt +D.

The Diary is split into 2 tab pages, Things To Do and Dungeons.

Tip: A lot of the Legion Storage Slot Expansion daily quests overlap with Diary items, so just doing them both daily is an easy way to get both done.

Things To Do Edit


During special events that give Diary bonuses, a special icon will be shown on the Diary

Below are the items listed on the Diary.


  • Item: the Diary item name as listed in the Diary (possibly abbreviated here).
  • Description: the description displayed when you cursor over the item.
  • Max Times: the maximum number of times you will get Diary credit (bonus experience and/or dungeon points) towards that task. This doses not limit the number of times you can do something each day, only the maximum number of times you get Diary credit for it. The exception to this is 'Open a Box' and 'Exchange Books', those number are the actual limit of how often you can perform those tasks each day.
  • Bonus EXP: do you get bonus EXP for completing this task? This is a pretty significant amount, esp. if you do it daily.
  • Dungeon Points: do you get Dungeon Points for completing this task?
  • Can be extended with Atlas Ore: if Yes, the Max Times can be extended by using Atlas Ore. Click the + button next to each item to see how many Atlas Ore will extend this bonus by how many times.
Item Description Max Times Bonus EXP Dungeon Pts Home Points Can be ext w/ Atlas
Quest After level 95, receive bonus EXP for completing a quest. 3 Yes 3 * 2 4 Yes
Ind. Dungeon Compl. Reward Lv. 90+ characters can earn bonus EXP for clearing individual dungeons (Olympus Tower does not count towards this). 1 Yes 5 x Yes
Compete Receive bonus EXP when participating in a competition (this means PvP, Free League or Collosseum League). 2 Yes 4 x Yes
Observe Competition Get reward items (books) and bonus experience by watching other people compete (this means PvP, Free League or Collosseum League). - Rewards vary by the division and league you belong to. 3 Yes x 1 Yes
Analyze Equipment Get bonus EXP by analyzing equipment. - You can analyze any piece of craftable equipment. 1 Yes x 3 Yes
Origin Info Receive bonus EXP when another player shares origin info with you. - You can receive 10% bonus experience in addition to the original experience when hunting monsters you have origin info for. 2 Yes x 2 Yes
Fish Gain bonus EXP by fishing. 1 Yes x 2 Yes
Persuade Roaming Mercenary Gain bonus EXP by recruiting wandering mercenaries after level 30. 1 Yes x 2 Yes
Rest The Rest Buff grants you bonus experience. - Get the Rest Buff by sleeping in the bed in your home. 2 Yes x x x
Perform Town/Guild Quest When you complete management quests, you can receive regular experience/guild points/town points. 5 x x x x
Open a Box There is a maximum number of boxes you can open in a day. 500 x x x x
Exchange Books You can exchange books with Goncourt. - If you bring books to NPC Goncourt, he will exchange them for Book Boxes. 500 x x x x

Dungeons Edit

This tab page lists individual dungeons in your level range. Click the toggle button next to each dungeon to read the in-game information about that dungeon.