Diabolic Events! Edit

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  • Jan. 22 2015

Diabolic Legion Events Edit

Come celebrate the addition of the Diabolic Legion Mercenaries with a number of exciting events! Event Duration : 1/22-2/12

Mo Chien Lang Level-up Event Edit

Every player that logins during the event period will receive the Diabolic mercenary Mo Chien Lang. Level-up Mo Chien Lang to receive rewards based on how high you are able to get him by the end of the event. The rewards will be distributed after the maintenance on 2/12.                                                  

Level Reward
101 ~ 120 Mo Chien Lang's Blue Sword (No Trade)
121 ~ 140 Mo Chien Lang's Blue Sword (No Trade)

Mo Chien Lang's Blue Shield (No Trade)

141 ~ 170 Mo Chien Lang's Blue Sword (No Trade)

Mo Chien Lang's Blue Shield (No Trade)

Summoning Book: Heisha Modi

== Empress Tianmo's Auction! ==                                             

Date Time
1/24/2015 7 PM PST
1/31/2015 7 PM PST
2/7/2015 7 PM PST

Diabolic Box Edit

Stay logged in during the event to receive a Diabolic Box. You will receive 1 box a hour, up to 4 boxes a day!

  • Summoning Book: Empress Tianmo (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: White Witch (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: Shen Hong (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: Nightshade (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: Heisha Modi (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: Hualin (No Trade)
  • Summoning Book: Guangmo (No Trade)
  • Giant Soul Crystal x5
  • Giant Soul Jewel x3
  • Redemption Soul Crystal x5    
  • Redemption Soul Jewel x3
  • Dragon Soul Crystal x 5
  • Dragon Soul Jewel x3
  • Phoenix Soul Crystal x5    
  • Phoenix Soul Jewel x3
  • Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x3    
  • Multi-Hued Soul Jewel
  • Ancient Book of Intelligence (Event) (No Trade) x10
  • Ancient Book of Knowledge (Event) (No Trade) x5
  • Ancient Skill Book (Event) (No Trade)
  • Water of Life (No Trade) x10
  • Ambrosia (No Trade) x20
  • Miracle Potion x10
  • Enchant Stone [VI]
  • Enhance Stone [VI]
  • Enchant Stone [V] x2
  • Enhance Stone [V] x2
  • Enchant Stone [IV] x3
  • Enhance Stone [IV] x3

Diabolic Boxes will also be available for purchase from Merchant Acong near the entrance of Rome. You will be able to buy 1 for 50,000,000 gold or 2 for a single Atlas Ore!