Diabolic Entrance Exam is a level 10 Diabolic Legion Quest.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Welcome! I can tell that you've never been here before, right? Gyangmo Answer Diabolic Experience: 500
Gold: 30,000
Entrance Exam I Gyangmo Kill Mutated Wolf (0/10) Experience: 1,000
Gold: 300,000
Entrance Exam II Gyangmo Demon Horn (0/15) from Mutated Fire Hound and Mutated White Crocodile Experience: 1,000
Gold: 300,000
Knowledge is Power Gyangmo Open Diabolic Legion Info Click My Info -> Legion Info Experience: 800
Gold: 50,000
A Self-serving Letter Gyangmo [Sick and Tired] from Shen Hong Experience: 500
Gold: 30,000
Heartfelt Note x1
Sick and Tired Shen Hong Heartfelt Note (0/1) Experience: 500
Gold: 30,000
Entrance Exam III Shen Hong Kill Taken Wulin Swordsman (0/5)
Kill Captured Wulin Monk (0/5)
Kill Captured Wulin Marksman (0/5)
Experience: 1,000
Gold: 300,000
An Audience with Empress Tianmo Shen Hong [Increase Your Power!] from Empress Tianmo Experience: 500
Gold: 30,000
Recruit's Assessment x 1
Increase your Power! Empress Tianmo Recruit's Assessment (0/1) Experience: 500
Gold: 30,000