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Dark King Arthur is a grade A Sword Mercenary.


Dark King Arthur is one of two high level versions of the Knight mercenary. After the Knight reaches level 150, you can decide whether to upgrade the Knight to Sage King Arthur or Dark King Arthur via the Mercenary Arthur Specialization Quest.

Dark King Arthur has followed the ruthless Path of Darkness. His fearsome visage terrifies enemies even as he cuts them down and seals their magic. In spite of his grim methods, he also fights to defend his allies and reduce their combo counts.


Dark King Arthur is one of the, if not the, best sword mercenary in the game. He deals high amounts of damage with Dark Legacy which also offers utility in preventing enemies from casting magic. He can also perform defensive duties as King's Command can stop an enemy row from using physical attacks and Guardian Sheath aids in combating stun.

One must remember, however, that Dark King Arthur remains one of the most expensive mercenaries in the entire game. While his skills do considerable damage (thanks to swords offering additional magic) to unlock his full potential one must be ready to greatly invest gold into his skills since Dark Legacy and Guardian Sheath cannot be raised with Atlas Ore. He also needs the best gear and weapons, maximized skills and a Mercenary Skin with just the right stats.



(At level 140)

Basic Attack[]


  • Dark King Arthur is an upgrade of the Knight mercenary and thus cannot be recruited.


Soul Jewel of the Lake

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Dark King Arthur I 150 80 Soul Jewel of the Lake 1035 395 560 630 4130 235
Dark King Arthur II 160 80 Soul Jewel of the Lake 1230 470 675 755 4985 235


This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Dark legacy.png Dark Legacy[]

Inflicts powerful damage on enemies and seals Magic attacks.

Guardian sheath.png Guardian Sheath[]

Reduces the Combo Count for King Arthur and his allies.

King's command.png King's Command[]

Seals the enemy's physical attacks.

Sage sword excalibur.png Sage Sword Excalibur[]

Basic attacks have a chance to of unleashing Excalibur's power to damage all enemies (AoE).