Obtained from
[Princess Hwa Man]
To Hwa Man
Hunt [Dark Harpy Fighter], [Harpy Shaman] and [Dark Harpy Mage] for [Dark Harpy Claw]×20
[Harpies] stand guard on the first floor of [Mohenjodaro's Shadow].
Cut off their Dark Harpies' Claw and bring the clippings to me.
They could be a very useful weapon for fighting evil.
To find the door to [Mohejodaro's Shadow], you must go to [Central Mohenjodaro].

Rewards Edit

  • Experience: 9,000
  • Gold: 15,000

Hints Edit

In order to complete this quest, you will have to enter a Shadow Dungeon of Mohenjodaro Graveyard. Therefore, it is recommended to be in a party, as Shadow dungeons are designed for it.