Daily Exploration is a feature that gives players with mains level 20 or higher rewards every day when you log in. Daily Exploration was added in the Daily Exploration has Arrived patch.

Tip: the Daily Exploration rewards are on occasion bugged and you don't get them at midnight server time. Leave town or any zone by walking or teleporting and the reward will pop up.

Press Alt+A to open the Daily Exploration window.

  • The Exploration Map will track your log-ins. If you log in daily for the entire month, you'll get the best rewards!
  • If you miss a day, your Exploration Map will not progress, however it will not reset! Be mindful, while the Exploration Map does not reset, if you miss a day you will not be eligible for the end of the month prize.
  • Your reward for the day will be delivered straight to your inventory, so look for it there! Unlike previous attendance events, this is permanent content. There is no need to "check in"!
  • Daily log-in times are from 12 AM - 11:59 PM Pacific.
  • The map will reset monthly. The reset will happen at the start of the next month, 12 AM Pacific.
  • Rewards from the Exploration Map will change monthly!
  • The last 6 days of exploration (Day 26 - 31) give either 1x Atlas ore ; 1x Atlas Ore (E) ; 1x Outfit Extraction Stone or 1x Atlas Outfit Stone each.

Trivia Edit

  • This game feature was disabled after the transfer to Valofe and came back permanently on March 2nd, 2017.
  • Since many of the rewards are tradeable (Crystals, Atlas Ores, Atlas Extraction Stones), some players have abused this feature in order to gain large amount of gold. Many accounts have been banned for this reason.