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1.Mopping Up Bandits Edit

Hey, hey. Come over here and listen to me. My name is Cui Li Liang. I'm a local farmer here... Listen. There is a group of notorious bandits living in the mountains to the west. We just can't stand them anymore. They attack us so often that we can't even make a living anymore. ~ You look strong enough. Think you could drive them away from here? You'll find them easily if you head west from here.

Mission: Kill Bandit x50


Thank you. I hope that you gave them a terrible beating. As payment, take these scrolls which Sul Hyang gave me a while ago. If you use this scroll, you can recruit nearby enemies as the reinforcement during battle. Well, I haven't tried using them yet, but please, go ahead and try them.


  • Experience: 1,000
  • Gold: 3,500
  • Item: Scroll of Reinforcements [I] x5

2.I'll teach you a lesson. Edit

Well, let's wipe those bandits out. However, as you can see, I'm just an ordinary farmer. This means that I don't have much to give you as a reward... Oh, what about this? It's a scroll that I got from a woman named Sul Hyang. If used in battle, it will make your enemies join your side as reinforcements. ~ If you venture into the bandit's base even further, you'll find the center of their operations. Inside you will find Chief Bae Hoon, the leader of the bandits. He is... Well... Let's just say that he's not an easy foe to beat. You'd better use the Scroll of Reinforcements when you fight him.

Mission: Kill Chief Bae Hoon x1


Thank you. It's so good to see Bae Hoon's gang running away for once. They won't be seen around here for a while, that's for sure. This is for you. It's nothing special, but please take it. Come visit me again sometime! You're always welcome here.


  • Experience: 2,500
  • Gold: 5,000
  • Item: Grilled Pork x30

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