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Crystal is one of the basic Item Types that items in Atlantica Online are categorized as.

Items of this category can be found listed under this category on the Market and in My Store.

Many Crystals can be crafted. Some cannot.

Crystals and Jewels are both items of type Crystal.

Item Name Craftable?
Ashen-Crystal.png Ashen Crystal No
Giant-Crystal.png Giant Crystal No
Redemption-Crystal.png Redemption Crystal No
Phoenix-Crystal.png Phoenix Crystal No
Dragon-Crystal.png Dragon Crystal No
Multi-Hued-Crystal-Shard.png Multi-Hued Crystal Shard Yes
Crystal-of-Knowledge.png Crystal of Knowledge No
Crystal-of-Wisdom.png Crystal of Wisdom No
Crystal-of-Anguish.png Crystal of Anguish No
Multi-Hued-Crystal.png Multi-Hued Crystal Yes
Ashen-Jewel.png Ashen Jewel Yes
Multi-Hued-Jewel-Shard.png Multi-Hued Jewel Shard Yes
Dragon-Jewel.png Dragon Jewel Yes
Phoenix-Jewel.png Phoenix Jewel Yes
Redemption-Jewel.png Redemption Jewel Yes
Giant-Jewel.png Giant Jewel Yes
Multi-Hued-Jewel.png Multi-Hued Jewel Yes
Giant-Soul-Crystal.png Giant Soul Crystal Yes
Giant-Soul-Jewel.png Giant Soul Jewel Yes
Phoenix-Soul-Crystal.png Phoenix Soul Crystal Yes
Phoenix-Soul-Jewel.png Phoenix Soul Jewel Yes
Redemption-Soul-Crystal.png Redemption Soul Crystal Yes
Redemption-Soul-Jewel.png Redemption Soul Jewel Yes
Dragon-Soul-Crystal.png Dragon Soul Crystal Yes
Dragon-Soul-Jewel.png Dragon Soul Jewel Yes
Hades-Crystal.png Hades' Crystal No
Colorful Soul Stone.png Colorful Soul Stone No
Shiny Soul Stone.png Shiny Soul Stone No
Rainbow Soul Stone.png Rainbow Soul Stone No
Multi-Hued-Soul-Crystal.png Multi-Hued Soul Crystal Yes
Multi-Hued-Soul-Jewel.png Multi-Hued Soul Jewel Yes
Star-Soul-Crystal.png Star Soul Crystal No
Star-Soul-Jewel.png Star Soul Jewel No
Soul-Jewel-Of-The-Lake.png Soul Jewel of the Lake Yes