Crucible of the Dragon Edit

  • Update
  • Nov. 21 2013

New Dungeon: Dragon Trial Edit

Dragon Trial is located in North America

You can enter Dragon Trial by moving to the Supply Depot, which is the Standby Room.

Dragon Trial consists of 5 Stages

  • 1st Stage: Opening Shots
  • 2nd Stage: Mana Overdrive
  • 3rd Stage: Time for Tactics
  • 4th Stage: Angry Awakening
  • 5th Stage: Final Test

The combat style may be influenced by each Stage's various concepts. You should come up with a strategy according to each play style

Able to enter at Lv. 140 / Recommended Level is Lv. 160. Able to use it 1 time per day.

After entering through the Opening Shots Gate, you will not be able to enter again until 20-hours later.In the Dungeon, you can earn bonus points by defeating monsters on each Stage and clearing the missions. After completing the dungeon, Dragon Tags will be awarded based upon points earned.

You can exchange Dragon Tags for various items through NPC [Dragon Merchant].

In the Dragon Trial, you can purchase the new type of scroll item that can only be used in the corresponding dungeon.

These scrolls can be purchased from the Shop window that is displayed immediately after entering the dungeon. There is a limit of 5 scrolls per person.

The purchased scroll will be removed in a batch when the dungeon ends.

Reward(s) will be given according to Dragon Trial Dungeon Ranking.

Rewards are given on the 1st day of every month at 0:00.

Rewards are added for 1st place, Black Wyvern (30 days), and besides 1st - 100th place rewards.

Rankings are shared across all servers.

Rank Reward

1 10 Black Dragon's Gift + Black Wyvern (30 days)

2 - 10 10 Black Dragon's Gift

11 - 20 9 Black Dragon's Gift

21 - 30 8 Black Dragon's Gift

31 - 40 7 Black Dragon's Gift

41 - 50 6 Black Dragon's Gift

51 - 60 5 Black Dragon's Gift

61 - 70 4 Black Dragon's Gift

71 - 80 3 Black Dragon's Gift

81 - 90 2 Black Dragon's Gift

91 - 100 1 Black Dragon's Gift

  • Dragon Trial Ind. Dungeon mode will be added for mid-level users.
  • Minimum level requirement is Lv. 120. 20 hour entry restriction time will be applied.
  • Dragon Trial course has been added for mid level users.
    • Dragon trial course is a practice mode, and will not count towards ranked rewards
  • Dragon Trial cannot be entered as a party, and is limited to you, and 8 of your mercenaries.
  • Dragon Trial will remain open for 1 hour after entering.
  • Upon clearing the dungeon, you have a rare chance to obtain the Black Dragon Ring from the Black Dragon Gift.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Edit

  • An issue with Love chocolate and Friendship Chocolate has been fixed.