Contaminated Nest is a level 35 Quest in Southeast Asia India. NPC Jaya is located in Ant Tunnel just outside the portal to Contaminated Nest (Skirmish). This quest features skirmish style combat.

Quest DetailsEdit

  • Level: 35
  • NPC: Jaya
  • Location: Ant Tunnel
  • Rewards:
    • Exp: 56,000
    • Gold: 29,000
    • Items: none
Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Lord of the Koch Kingdom Jaya Open NPC Info Window Experience: 4,000
Contaminated Insects Jaya Acquire Basic Info on Polluted Worker Ant Experience: 12,000
Gold: 15,000
Antidote Jaya Contaminated Antenna (0/40) from Polluted Wasp Larva Experience: 20,000
Gold: 7,000
Immediate Return Jaya Contaminated Powder (0/35) from Polluted Tarantulas Experience: 20,000
Gold: 7,000