The lowest grade commodity box yields books and growth vials when opened. All books are beginner books for grade-D mercenaries.

This is a unique type of box because it is faux-random. If a player or any of their mercenaries have unspent bonus or statistic points, the box will only yield items that can be used immediately by those mercenaries. If a mercenary has unspent bonus points and less than 30 bonus statistic points, a growth vial will be yielded. If a D grade mercenary has unspent skill points and less than 20 points in one of the skills that can be taught by books from this box, that book will be yielded. When multiple items become a valid yield due to one or more of these rules, one of the valid items will be yielded randomly. However, if there are no mercenaries with spare bonus or skill points that can make use of one of the possible items, the box yields any one of the possible items randomly.


Contains one of the following, at random.

Dropped by monsters