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Update: Charms Guide[]

  • Oct. 21 2018

Charm System Guide[]

These items can be stored/equipped in the inventory.

Stats increase once the item is equipped, you can equip the item by right clicking.   You can only equip up to a maximum of 3 gems per slot.


Equipping Charms[]

Each gem has its own special slot. Once equipped, the gem enhances the character on the specific slot.

Each slots corresponds to the main character/mercenary number from left to right.

When equipped, each gem takes up 1 inventory slot.


The charms available are currently for the following stats: Attack Power, Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Health Points, Critical Rate and Evasion.

Only gems from D-grade to B-grade can be obtained/enchanted.


Charm Upgrading[]

Charms can be upgraded by enchanting.

To enchant gems you will need gems of the same grade as catalyst and Atlas Ores.

Charm enhancement probability lowers significantly as the grade increases.

Regardless of success or failures, the catalyst gem and Atlas Ores will be consumed.

Enchanting D-grade gems uses 10 Atlas Ores.

Enchanting C-grade gems uses 20 Atlas Ores.

Steps to Enchant:

  1. Right-click a charm in your Inventory an select Enchant
  2. In the enchant window, you need to drag and drop a charm from the bottom inventory listing to the Item to Enchant window.
  3. Click Enchant

The remaining gems, so as enchanting for A-grade gems will be available in the near future.

Charm Acquisition Method[]

Charms can be obtained from the following methods:

Olympus Tower: Gem Selection Boxes can be dropped from monsters from OT XVII

Item Mall: available as random boxes (5 boxes per purchase)

Disclaimer for Charm System[]

  • You can only equip to three gems per main character / mercenary.
  • It is impossible to refine / move the Charm while being mounted, and it can be enchanted / moved after dismounting.
  • Only the charms can be traded, Charm Random Boxes can’t be traded or sold to the market/auction.