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The Character Sheet contains information about your Main Character.


Press Alt+N to toggle the Character Sheet.


Basic Info[]

Favorite Titles[]

Clicking on the Favorite Titles combo will drop down a list of your favorite titles.

Once you have selected a title from the list, click Apply to make that title active. It will now show up in your Buffs window.

You can click on the Title Info button to see the full list of titles you have earned. Titles listed in orange are favorites and titles in white are not. Select a title to see the list off buffs it provides and the time they will apply for.

Click the Set Favorite Titles button at the bottom to toggle the selected title's favorite status on and off.


This lists your current gold balance for your character and in the bank.

Market Items[]

This lists all items you have listed for sale on the market and the items' current list prices.



This lists some of your current license effects. Some of these effects/licenses can be suspended by selecting the effect and unchecking the Effect Status checkbox.

You can see the full list of your current licenses on the License tab of the Buffs window.

Rank Info[]


This tab shows your current PvP competition rank and your current Fame/Battle Points.


This tab lists your PvP competition record in several PvP leagues.



This tab lists your recent PvP competition battle record.

Point Info[]

This list all of your current points. See the points page for details.



This lists your Favorite Locations and allows you to set more. See Favorite Locations for more information.



This lists cool downs (CDs) on any dungeons. Most dungeons have limitations on how often they can be accessed, in the forms of cool downs, or time periods that you have to wait before you can enter a dungeon after having entered it last. See the dungeons page and the pages for individual dungeons for details.



The DOB tab shows the date of birth of your character, the Real Time (not Atlantica Time) date on which your created this character. Every year on your character's birthday, you can collect a birthday reward.


Buff Info[]

This lists some of your current Buffs. You can see the full list of your current licenses on the Buffs window.