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Character Level (a commonly used term in MMORPGs) is an ability grading that applies individually to both a player's main character and each of their mercenaries.

Level is directly proportional to experience and increases by one each time an experience threshold is met or exceeded. This is known as leveling up. When a character levels up, one bonus point one skill point are awarded to that character. In addition, health and mana are reset to maximum.

Dialog showing you that you have gained a level and what new things you can do in Atlantica Online.

You can have dozens of mercenaries, and up to 8 in a formation at any given time, and each can have a different level than your main character.

Typically, you gain experience through questing, but you can also gain it by killing monsters, fighting in dungeons, grinding, consuming experience books, competing in PvP and more.

You can also gain special items, such as Mercenary Level Up Tickets and other special Licenses.

Level Restrictions[]

Level restrictions govern what actions, items and even features of the game are available to a player. The restriction requires that the level of a character wishing to use a feature, or the level of the main character, meets a certain grade. For example, equipment sets specify a level requirement applicable to each character that wishes to use the equipment. By contrast, most quest chains are only available to a main character who meets a certain level requirement, irrespective of the level of their mercenaries.

Although most level restrictions are hard restrictions, a soft, scaling restriction is placed on characters that fight certain monsters. As a character's level deviates away from the level of the opponent being fought, the amount of experience gained from fighting that opponent diminishes until it eventually reaches zero. In order to gain the most experience from fighting opponents, each character's level must be closely matched to that of the opponent.

The maximum attainable level Atlantica Online currently is 200.

During combat, a character's level affects its chance to hit an opponent. If a character's level is much lower than that of an opponent then that character will miss more often.