Character Information is part of the inventory window, which can be opened using Space or I.


The Character Information displays information about the character currently selected in the Mercenary Display at the bottom right of the screen. Press 1 - 9 to select another character in your formation (1 is always your main character).

Equipment Edit

The upper left displays the currently selected character's image and all of that character's equipment.

Main Character Equipment Edit

For the main character, this displays (starting at the upper right in clockwise order):

Mercenary Equipment Edit


For mercenaries, this displays (starting at the upper right in clockwise order):

Battle Information tab Edit


The Battle Information (first) tab shows:

Other Information tab Edit


The Other Information (second) tab shows:

Magic Information tab Edit


The Magic Information (third) tab shows:

  • Specialization Magic (shown on main character only): This lists the main character's level 120 magic skill (5th skill) and level.

Talents tab Edit

This tab button appears when your Main Character reaches level 130 and has completed the level 130 main character upgrade. Doing so unlocks the Talent System.