In Atlantica Online, a player creates a character called a main character (or hero) and then builds a team around that main by recruiting mercenaries.

The term character typically means any character, usually in a formation, meaning it can apply to a main or mercenary.

Formation Portraits Edit


Atlantica Online Mercenary display

The portraits at the bottom toward the right side of the screen shows a portrait for each character currently in your formation. The current character is shown larger than the rest. This is the character for which information will be displayed in the Character Information windows if you open it using Space or I. Press 1 - 9 to select another character in your formation (1 is always your main character).

Character Portraits Edit


A character waiting for an upgrade

Each character in your formation has a portrait, which displays:

  • The slot number assigned to the character in your formation. Press 1 - 9 to select another character in your formation.
  • The character's class portrait.
  • The character's current level in white font.
  • The character's current health points in red font.
  • The character's current magic points (mana) in blue font.

    A character with an EXP Conc Lic in effect

  • The character's health bar in orange. This bar fills from 0 to your maximum health points.
  • The character's magic points (mana) bar in orange. This bar fills from 0 to your maximum magic points.
  • The character's experience bar in yellow. This bar shows experience needed until the character levels up next. You can see this in more details in the Character Information's Other Info tab.
  • A plus sign (+) icon if the character is waiting for an upgrade. See Main Character Upgrades or individual mercenary pages for more upgrade info on either.
  • A capital E icon if the character slot has an EXP Conc License in effect.