NPC Brody is an NPC located near the near the Gate in Rome.

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Brody trades Rebirth Tokens for various items:

  • 30 day No Trade weapons at various major levels: (e.g. Lv. 15 Weapon Box, Lv. 35 Weapon Box, Lv. 50 Weapon Box, ..., Lv. 165 Weapon Box)
  • 30 day No Trade equipment at various major levels: (e.g. Lv. 15 Armor Box, Lv. 35 Armor Box, Lv. 50 Armor Box, ..., Lv. 165 Armor Box)
  • Water of Life
  • Scroll of Resurrection

He'll also trade you 1 Rebirth Token for 1 Lucky Chain Letter.

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