Quest - Trip to Cathedral Edit

1. Cathedral Manager Edit

Hello, there! I am the manager of St. Basil's Cathedral. Ivan the Terrible of the Russian Empire constructed St. Basil's Cathedral to commemorate his victory 200 years in the making against outside forces. The feature that stands out most is its splendid colors and unique shapes. St. Basil's Cathedral is sometimes called a harmony in disharmony because the cacophony of towers comes together to create an exquisite whole...


Did you listen well? Let me ask you a question. What is the nearest town from St. Basil's Cathedral? It's a tourist attraction you can't miss if you're touring Russia, along with Red Square. I'll give you a gift if you get it right! (It's Mosc...)

Mission: Answer Cathedral Manager Question


Yes. The nearest town is Moscow! I'll give you a gift since you got it right. Haha. It's some relic I pinched from Dispatcher Edward. I don't know how much it's worth since I never had it appraised, but please take it.


  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 30,000
  • Edward's Culture Box x1

Quest highlights Edit

  • Answer to "Cathedral Manager": Moscow
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