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1.Enhancing the Force Field 1 Edit

It's quieted down around here, but there's one more thing for you to do. The master has been meditating without moving at all to project the force field for days. He should be wrapped with clean leather so that dirty things don't touch him. ~ Please bring me some Thread. I am going to sew the leather pieces I have together and make him a cape. You can buy them at the Market.

Mission: Thread x20


Thank you. You took a load off the master's mind. I'll tell you what you should do from now on. Find Jayavarman and tell him to gather relics from the Fallen Monks. Of course, those relics are dangerous and unstable. If you're careless with them, you could become entangled in their dark energy yourself. One tainted by this energy does not necessarily show it right away. He could sneak right up on you, all the while acting as if trying to help you...


  • Experience: 4,500
  • Gold: 25,000
  • Item: Commodity Box [I] x5

2.Complete the Relic Box Edit

The master is still in meditation. I will not stand you constantly interrupting his peace. Oh? What's this? Aren't those the relics of the Fallen Monks? Nice job bringing such an impure thing here. Do you wish for the master to lose focus? ~ Give me those right away! You could have caused a lot of trouble.

Mission: Relic Box x1


Look, let's stand a ways from the master and talk about this. I just told you to gather the relics, not to bring them near the master! If you really want to devote yourself to this, please don't act without thinking!


  • Experience: 7,500
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Life Potion[II] x3

3.Ogre Scales Edit

I know how to purify relics, so there's no need to disturb the master's meditations. First of all, the essence of an ogre are needed as a catalyst. Small Ogre Scales cover their backs. That is also the source of the ogre's great power. ~ Hunt Blue Ogres and White Ogres, and bring me 20 Ogre Scales. You can find a lot of them on Angkor Wat 1F and 2F. They were originally low-class demons in hell, but they were deeply influenced by the merciful hearts of Buddhist monks and took a role as their guardians.

Mission: Ogre Scale x20


Please give those to me. I'm ready to purify the Relic Box. Huh? Something's strange. Why is the dark force inside the Relic Box getting stronger? These... these relics are too polluted to be purified. We need to find the person who polluted these relics in the first place. It must be Jayavarman, who made this Relic Box. If nobody stops him, he will corrupt even more monks. Wait. He might be the villain who made Angkor Wat like this! Sometimes the enemy is right in front of you. I hope that you can defeat him before he defiles the holy ground even further.


  • Experience: 9,000
  • Gold: 25,000

4.... Edit

(The once-fierce Boy Monk stares at you blankly. There's no expression in his eyes. Could his soul have been destroyed, as the Great Monk Sachen said? They remind you of the Magicked Archers you had seen in the Ruins of the Yellow River.) ~ (Couldn't Doctor Pien Chueh help you with this situation? The medicine he made before might be effective.)

Tip: Pien Chueh lives far from here, near Beijing. 
It's more convenient to use Travel Agency or Teleport.

Mission: Temporary Healing Potion x1


(The Boy Monk drinks the medicine with a blank expression, and a certain liveliness fills his eyes. His gentle expression returns, belying a pure soul. The Boy Monk smiles brightly when your eyes meet. It's as if he wants to cleanse your mind with his innocence.)


  • Experience: 10,500
  • Gold: 35,000

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