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Box may refer to any of a number of boxes you receive in Atlantica Online for various reasons, usually as a reward for completing a task, such as a quest.

A box can be opened by right-clicking the box.

Opening Boxes[]

To open a box, right-click it. The item(s) from the box goes into your Inventory. If you don't have enough room in your inventory, the item(s) will be mailed to you.

Opening Multiple Boxes[]


You will often have stacks of boxes, up to 10,000 in a stack. You can open up to 50 boxes at once by clicking the Open All Boxes icon at the bottom right of your inventory.


The Open all Boxes dialog will pop up.

Click Auto to switch among the possible stacks of boxes shown at the bottom (which are all stacks of boxes from your inventory).

The item(s) from the opened boxes will be mailed to you.

Info: The Open all Boxes feature has been disabled for most box types due to bugs in the game that allows duplicated of items using this feature. It does work for some boxes, typically event rewards.

Equipment Box Types[]

Some of the higher level equipment boxes (Pegasus and Judgment) come in a variety of types:

  • Regular Box: drops +0 of the designated equipment type
  • Enchanted Equipment Box: randomly drops item +0 - +3
  • Infused Equipment Box: randomly drops item +4 - +6