Boss monsters are strong enemies who most of the time, you have to fight in order to progress in a quest chain or to complete a dungeon or get a reward/loot better than other monsters.

Dungeon Bosses have additional monsters from the dungeon they belong to in their formation, only stronger.

Mini Bosses are a minor variety of Boss monsters.

Time Limit Edit

You typically get 5 minutes to complete a boss fight. You won't be kicked out of the fight if you are in battle, but should you die during that time, you won't be able to get back into the boss room or fight.

Immunity Edit

Most boss monsters are immune to stuns, silence magic (Silence, Empress' Blessing, etc.), Freezing (Freezing Axe, Forest Prison, etc.).

However, these bosses are not immune to Debuffs (Cleaving Blows, Freezing Atmosphere, Green Dragon's Rage, Ravaging Melody, etc.) and certain Magic Skills.

Magic Skills that specifically work on bosses: Edit

Other Boss Strategies Edit

Other boss fight strategies include:

  • Use skills to protect yourself from typical boss magic (usually a type of AoE attack that procs every X turns), such as Empress' Blessing, Holy Guard
  • Make sure you don't get stunned (as in other fights, expect you can typically survive normal fights if you get stunned and have decent armor).
  • Make sure you are properly buffed when going into a tough boss fight: use available feasts, titles, other buffs.
  • Certain Legendary Weapons do extra damage to bosses.

Notable Bosses: Edit