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Radiant1st Radiant1st 11 April 2021

Atlantica Oceanic

Hi im new here...

I'm from Indonesia, I really love this and then found Atlantica private

i can't play every time, and then choose Atlantica oceanic for playing

i want try contribute about drop item list from monster then some people not confused for searching this item.

and i think give note for my update, especialy my page. this update from Atlantica Oceanic ( *AT Oceanic )\

if you interest with this server you can visit this website Atlantica Oceanic


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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 30 March 2021

About me as Lars06/Lars36

Currently, I was playing the mobile version of Black Desert portraying as a Warrior/Gladiator Main that works the same way as my main here in Atlantica Online. Here is the story of how I play this game until I gave up because of the game inflation.

In 2008 when my little brother who's name is RR10 (Maestro) convinces me to play this game. I initially refused (just like how he convinced me to play Black Desert), until I tried playing the game. Since my little brother is too busy on other works or sports this is where Lars06 was born as I portrayed as a male Knight.

My Knight Main's current group are:

  • Northern Viking
  • Punisher
  • Warlord
  • Witch
  • General
  • Elementalist
  • Oracle
  • Monk


  • Valkyrie
  • Druid

Former mercs

  • Swordsman (due to him working as an Artisan at Ho…
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OGSavix OGSavix 28 December 2020


It seems that Valofe is making the same mistakes that the previous owners of AO have done. Letting hackers run free and doing little to fix the problem that lets them do as they do. They are slow to fix problems if at all and it is amazing that people still play as much as they do.

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 28 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Atlantica Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your Recent Changes occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 03:02, March 28, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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Smashix Smashix 20 February 2019

All Skills Should Scale

All Skills in Atlantica Online should Scale to Level and be Percentage Based. This is really something Atlantica has needed for a while, but especially with the new maximum level of 200, really all skills should be percentage based and scale to level.

Some skills are more affected by this than others, below is my list of skills that sorely need this change in order to make classes that use these skills more effective. Some of these skills are useless after level 140 and thus make the classes that use these skills unusable at high levels.

This simple change would make these classes viable again.

The Skills are listed by Class:

  • Bard: Volkhova's Elation
  • Empress Tianmo: Divine Demon
  • Kim Choon Sam: Dispersing Shadow
  • Sorceress: Primal Monsoon
  • Stormcalle…
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Piroco Piroco 21 March 2017

Recommended low-cost mercenaries

The purpose of this list is to highlight low-upkeep, easily available mercenaries; Class A, Item Mall and super rare mercenaries won't be listed for this reason. Recommended mostly for low level and alt-character formations. 

  • 1 Sword & Shield
  • 2 Dual Sword
  • 3 Spear
  • 4 Axe
  • 5 Armor Fist
  • 6 Power Saw
  • 7 Rifle
  • 8 Bow
  • 9 Whip
  • 10 Cannon
  • 11 Staff
  • 12 Instrument

Kim Choon Sam

Excellent tank with a great healing skill and good damaging AoE. Beggar's Wit can also heal catapults in TBS. Has a combo with Chueh Shui. Upgrades with Giant Soul Crystals and Jewels. Recommended for formations in need of a hardy frontliner. Available from the A Tense Moment (Quest)

Lady Knight

Excellent tank with a decent damage skill, but not much else. Has a combo with the Oracle. Books are very easy to get…

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Piroco Piroco 21 March 2017

(Discussion) Recommended mercs by weapon type

This list is incomplete

As mentioned, this is a discussion post, meant to guide players on their choice of merc. Any input and opinions are not only welcome, but encouraged.

For my choices, I'll be taking into account the following characteristics:

  • Skills
  • Upgrades
  • Equipment
  • Accesibility (how easy/difficult is to get this merc.)

Mostly the latter (ex: this list recommends the Champion above Dark King Arthur based mostly on availability, as the latter is one of the most expensive mercs. in the whole game while the former is costly but affordable to most players.)

Tiers are in descending order per category.

  • 1 Sword & Shield/Orb Merc
  • 2 Spear Merc
  • 3 Axe Merc
  • 4 Power Saw Merc
  • 5 Rifle Merc
  • 6 Bow Mercs
  • 7 Instrument Mercs

Top Choices:


The hardiest tank in the game.…

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Wishdom Wishdom 14 February 2017

Atlantica Wiki ranking among Wikia's sphere

Today we've reached a new milestone in popularity. We've topped rank 350 across all gaming Wikis and rank 750 across all wikis overall, according to February 12th, 2017 WAM's score.

WAM score is a tool developed by the Wikimedia Foundation (founders of Wikipedia) to calculate the popularity and editing contributions of the top 5,000 wikis (there are well over 90,000 communities).

Every week, about 30,000 pages are viewed and this number has kept increasing with the push toward great quality contributions from new and old editors alike, as well as the recent transfer to Valofe which gave new hope to a diminishing player base. For the sake of comparison, we had 20,000 page views around 2 weeks ago.

There is still a lot of room for growth and a l…

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Wishdom Wishdom 28 January 2017

Wiki's average page size

As of the 28th of January 2017, the average page size on this Wiki is roughly 1432 bytes long.

The largest page, Skills List stands at 50146 bytes while the smallest page, Walpurgis' Spirits "weights" in at 0 bytes. The most average page belongs to King's Judgement at 1433 bytes.

The test was done by copying to the regular expression tester at The regex expression used is: .+\[(\d+),?(\d+)? bytes\] and the substitution string is $1$2

The total of all 2410 pages is 3452133 bytes or 3,45 MB.

In comparison, the English Wikipedia's 5 million pages database is around 11,5 GB big (2015 numbers), with an average page size of 23000 bytes (0,023 MB).

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Smashix Smashix 13 December 2015

Why Atlantica Online?

WoW was my first MMORPG ever, it introduced me to the genre and will always be special to me.

A few years later, the same friend who got me hooked on WoW discovered Atlantica Online and I quickly got hooked on AO. Now I've been hooked since 2010 and I still love it!

So here are a few ways in which AO is better than some other MMOs.

Instant Travel: every time I return to WoW, sooner or later I get to the point where I need to go somewhere and I am looking at 5-10 minutes of travel time, sometimes not even automated (need to take a boat or Zeppelin between continents?). Thaat was ok in 2004, but now? You gotta be kidding me! Atlantica has Teleportation and Auto-Move.

The Community: Atlantica has one of the best communities of any MMO I have play…

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Wishdom Wishdom 25 January 2017

Current progress and goals

So with the end of 2015 fast approaching, I'm aiming at getting the big things out of the way. Namely changing the background's color to improve the user experience, as well as improving the most-used templates to make it easier to edit information.

Currently I'm focussing on adding monster information by area. This makes it easier than adding monsters by level or name, since little change has to be done to basic information (attack power, monster type and so on) location info and item loot info. So copy-pasting templates between the monsters of the same dungeon really speeds up the long process (that is providing a complete web-based encyclopedia).

Currently, there are over 222 monster pages on the Wiki, but with most of them not being 100%…

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Wishdom Wishdom 25 January 2017

Most visited pages

This link will give you a glimpse of the top 500 pages on Atlantica Wiki.

It can be used as a tool to decide which pages should be edited first.

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Wishdom Wishdom 25 January 2017

New Admin

Being the only contributor for a while and an avid Atlantica Online player, I decided it was time to "adopt" this Wiki. Which I did on January 7th 2015.

I was given Admin and Burreaucrats rights 2 days ago, which mean I can also give out the Admin title to those who deserves it (good quality contribution, being active, fixing articles, etc.).

Looking forward to seeing new editors on Atlantica Wiki! :)

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