Beginner Tutorial (Scion) is a level 1 Main Quest for Scion of Atlantis mains: Berserker, Bombardier, Dragoon, Knight, Maestro, Mage, Marksman, Reaver, and Riffleman. It begins after character creation and ends after talking to Lilith's Phantom and the player is teleported to the Forest of Spirits.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Lost Sealed Portal Follow the Quest Guideline none
A Swift Exit I Sealed Portal Broken-Key-Piece Broken Key Piece (0/1) from Cave Bats Experience: 20
A Swift Exit II Sealed Portal Portal-Key Use Portal Key (0/1) Experience: 10
Awakening Lea's Welcome Follow the Quest Guideline Experience: 20
Ambrosia x 10
A Blade at Your Side Lea's Welcome Recruit Swordsman (0/1) Experience: 20
Life Potion I x 10
Rescue Ellesian Lea's Welcome Kill Blue Wisp (0/1)
Talk to Ellesian's Phantom
Experience: 30
Number One with a Bullet Ellesian's Phantom Recruit Gunner (0/1) Experience: 20
Rescue Lilith Ellesian's Phantom Kill Sealing Slate (0/4)
Kill Red Wisp (0/1)
Talk to Lilith's Phantom
Experience: 30
The Nightmare Ends Lilith's Phantom Talk to Jinni Lv. 3 Helper Box x 1