The Beast Trainer (Zhu Rong) is a grade C Axe Mercenary.

Beast Trainer portrait
Beast trainer

Beast trainer mercenary

The Beast Trainer commands an army of creatures from atop her battle tiger. She smashes enemy defenses with her axe, endures enemy attacks with high health, and moves swiftly with high action power.

While she's a physical force to be reckoned with, she isn't skilled with or against magic. She can still use Beast Summon to conjure a wave of any animal she has equipped in her off-hand slot, however.

You can have up to 2 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

The Beast Trainer can be a nice upgrade from the Viking during early game, coupled by her quest being rather easy to complete. She is very inexpensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up).

She has much better Magic Defense than the Viking at the cost of slightly less strength, which makes her an ideal mercenary to tank damage from the front line. Her AoE Beast Summon can be useful though not by much, better stick with basic attacks unless an unreachable enemy is about to die.

Sadly, she herself is easily overshadowed by almost every other mercenary due to her lack of versatility. The closest in grade would be Trainee Soranggoon, Trainee Gou Chen Nam and the Northern Viking, two grade D and one grade C respectively.

At some point when you get to the higher in-game levels (>120), you will probably want a merc with more and better skills and damage potential.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Giant Crystal and Giant Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Beast Trainer 1 None 280 160 170 290 700 175
Beast Trainer I 20 50 Giant Crystal 350 180 180 320 800 175
Beast Trainer II 50 100 Giant Crystal 380 210 190 350 1150 175
Zhu Rong 80 20 Giant Jewel 400 230 210 370 1250 175
Zhu Rong I 100 30 Giant Jewel 428 246 224 395 1370 175
Zhu Rong II 120 100 Giant Jewel 453 266 236 419 1500 175
Zhu Rong III 130 150 Giant Jewel 479 286 246 445 1650 175
Zhu Rong IV 140 150 Giant Jewel 508 308 258 474 1832 175
Zhu Rong V 150 150 Giant Jewel 541 333 274 506 2051 175
Zhu Rong VI 160 150 Giant Jewel 649 399 328 607 2461 175

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Beast summon Beast Summon Edit

The mercenary summons beasts to inflict damage on all opponents (AoE).

Background [History] Edit

Lady Zhurong, sometimes known as Madam Zhurong, was a fictional character in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a semi-fictional account of the Three Kingdoms era of China. She was the wife of Meng Huo, the king of the Nanman tribes of southern China. She claimed to be descended from the fire god Zhu Rong, from whom she acquired her name. Lady Zhurong was the only woman in the novel who took part in any of the fighting, battling against the Kingdom of Shu alongside her husband.

    Zhu Rong (Pinyin: Zhù Róng; wg:Chu-jung or Chu-jong) is the Chinese god of fire and ruler of the southern hemisphere from pre-Qin mythology. He is depicted as a proud man clad in armor wielding a sword and riding on a large tiger. He was one of the gods that helped separate Heaven and Earth and set up Universal Order.

    He is most famous for battling his own son Gong Gong, who was a water demon responsible for causing floods. When Zhu Rong heard that his son was attempting to seize the throne of Heaven, he went to stop him. The two of them battled for days across Heaven until both plummeted down to Earth. Finally Gong Gong was defeated and sulked away in shame while Zhu Rong returned to Heaven triumphant, after having won a great battle.

After her husband was defeated by the Shu Han Commander, Ma Dai, Lady Zhurong took to battle herself and led a large army against a Shu unit. She wielded flying swords and managed to capture two Shu Han generals; Zhang Yi and Ma Zhong.

The following day she engaged in battle with Zhao Yun and Wei Yan, but both opponents quickly fled. Suspecting a trap, Lady Zhurong did not give chase. The following day the same events happened; with both Shu officers retreating quickly. Again Lady Zhurong did not chase them, however Wei Yan returned and hurled abuse at her. Enraged, she chased him, only to be led down a narrow valley where a trap lay waiting; entrapped in nets with her horse tripped by rope, Lady Zhurong was ensnared.

Lady Zhurong was brought to the Shu camp, and was treated well by Zhuge Liang, who offered her wine and severed her bonds. He then offered a proposal to Meng Huo; he would safely return Zhurong to the Nanman, if the two Shu generals Zhurong had recently captured would be released. Meng Huo agreed and Zhurong was returned to her husband.

Lady Zhurong was captured another two times by the Shu army. The last time she was captured, she had marched alongside her husband and their army to finish off the Shu army as they had been falsely informed that their ally King Wutugu's army had nearly obliterated the Shu forces. However much to their dismay, Shu had actually routed King Wutugu's army, and then they proceeded to capture Lady Zhurong.

After finally submitting to Shu Han and pledging their allegiance, Meng Huo and Lady Zhurong were released to continue their rule over the southern jungles. They never rebelled again.

    Lady Zhurong, alternatively named as "Zhu Rong", appears as a playable character in the Koei video game series Dynasty Warriors up to Dynasty Warriors 5, she was then removed from Dynasty Warriors 6.

    In DW4 Xtreme Legends, she helps to rescue Meng Huo from Shu. In DW5 Xtreme Legends, she works with the Nanman and her husband in repelling Sima Yi.

    The same Zhu Rong also appears in Koei's Warriors Orochi where she and the Nanman people come under attack by Orochi. In the first Warriors Orochi, the Nanman receive help from Zhao Yun and Jiang Wei. In the sequel, they help Zhou Yu repel Cao Pi's forces and join Wu. During the battle, a cutscene show Zhu Rong and Lady Tachinbana as equal Warriors in honor and strength. In Dream Mode, she worked with Nenehime and Yuan Shao in protecting a castle against enemy forces.

Source: Wikipedia.