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1.Hunter's Secret Medicine Edit

Greetings, traveler. My name is Bayan. I'm a hunter from the far North. My brother and I found ourselves in this strange land whilst chasing a great fox. A short time afterward, my brother was injured in battle against the fox. Since then, that cunning fox hasn't set foot from the safety of its den. I'm certain he's wounded, as well. Now is the best opportunity to kill him! Unfortunately, I need my brother's help to capture this prey. He is in the hospital in town. Had I the proper medicine, I could treat his wounds myself. There is a secret medicine handed down among us hunters. It's made to cure injuries such as his. ~ Might I ask your assistance in procuring the supplies I need to make the medicine? If you head along this byway to the north, you'll eventually spot a pack of large boars. Hunt these creatures and return to me with their livers.

Mission: Wild Boar Liver x20


So, you've returned. I shall prepare the secret medicine.


  • Experience: 3,000
  • Gold: 5,000
  • Item: Roasted Mushroom x20

2.To Become a Hunter 1 Edit

Thank you. Were it not for your help, my brother would still be lying in the hospital. I wish to repay you in some way... Unfortunately, it would seem that I've nothing to give you. Hm... Oh, yes! I could teach you the way of the hunter! There is no need for you to hesitate. Please, accept this offer as my thanks. ~ I've heard tales of blue-furred wolves living on the north bank of the river to the west. They're said to be more violent than normal wolves. Please hunt those Blue Wolves.

Mission: Kill Blue Wolf x40


Good. It seems I have judged your skill well.


  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Roasted Mutton x30

3.To Become a Hunter 2 Edit

Are you ready for your next task? This time you must venture deeper into the wild. When you do, you'll find the nest of the Night Fox. Be forewarned, though: it's protected by lesser foxes who see him as their ruler. You must kill those foxes to get to the Night Fox. ~ Keep your wits about you. Foxes are far more cunning than wolves. Move with caution. Once you've killed them, I'll teach you how to get into the Night Fox's nest.

Mission: Kill Chief Fox x40


Excellent. You have proven yourself a true hunter. I have full confidence in you. As the Legendary Hunter, Bayan, I hereby acknowledge your skills.


  • Experience: 7,000
  • Gold: 15,000
  • Item: Healing Potion [II] x10

4.To Become a Hunter 3 Edit

Now that you've cleared a path, we can progress to the Night Fox's lair. Northern hunters have a secret recipe for a medicine which clears our eyes and enables us to see the essence of everything. We can use it to find the hidden entrance to the Night Fox's lair. ~ This is a Secret Vial of Truth. Use it carefully, as we have but one dose. If you do happen to lose it, return to me. I am prepared to proceed on my own if necessary.

Mission: Use Secret Vial of Truth x1


Good. Excellent. Now we can capture the Night Fox.


  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Secret Vial of Truth x1

5.To Become a Hunter 4 Edit

You've one last step to take before you can fully take on the mantle of hunter. If you can capture the Night Fox, I shall speak of you in all my future travels. This animal is legendary. The greatest hunters in the world have only been able to wound it. ~ Well, what are you waiting for? Slay the Night Fox.

Mission: Kill Night Fox x1


Excellent! Outstanding! I hear you're already well known in these parts. Your fame is well deserved. There's nothing more that I can teach you. This spell book is filled with instructions on using my techniques. It is my last gift to you. It's best to prepare ahead of time. This spell book cannot be used during battle. I hope that you will find some use for it in y our journey. Perhaps we're destined to meet again. Farewell!


  • Experience: 15,000
  • Gold: 20,000
  • Item: Scroll of Vortex [II] x10

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