Babylon Ascending Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Aug. 08 2012

Nation Dungeon: Chaotic Tower of Babel Edit

Storm the newly revamped nation dungeon, the Chaotic Tower of Babel. This new dungeon is now open to champions of all levels, so defend your nation and forge your name forever in legend!

  • A Chaos Key required to enter can be purchased from Pointry at the Rome Bazaar using Guild Points.
  • A special key is required to enter the final floor of the tower, which can only be acquired by having an active quest from the Spartan Statue just outside the entrance at level 120.
  • A new rare Accessory called the Ashur's Ring can be acquired in the Chaotic Tower of Babel by defeating boss monsters or clearing the dungeon.
  • Check out the Rulers of the Chaotic Tower event for details on how you can obtain the coveted "Chaotic Ruler" Title!

Frozen Crystalline ChestEdit

Your opportunity has arrived to smash open the Frozen Crystalline Chest and find many different treasures inside!

This box gives you the chance to randomly obtain the Frozen Crystal Wings or rare
Frozen Shadow Crystal Wings, among other useful items! You can also collect wing parts to manually craft the rare wings yourself! This is a limited time sale that will only be available until 3:00 PM, September 9th, 2012.

Health Check FeatureEdit

With Babylon Ascending, the Health Check function has been added as a basic feature available permanently for free to all players!

If you have previously purchased a Health Check License, or a package containing the license, your license will be converted into a Workload Increase License during the update maintenance. Your Workload Increase License duration will be the duration you had remaining as of Friday August 3, 2012 when the change was announced.

Contribution SystemEdit

A contribution system has been added that will allow you to view contributions of characters and guilds in all Guild and Nation dungeons.

The contribution system can be viewed through the separate icon towards the bottom of the party window while in a Guild or Nation dungeon. Contribution Rankings can also be viewed by members in a Guild dungeon.

TBS IssueEdit

The issue of the Castle Wall health not changing after defeating all the Revolting Generals in the Majapahit TBS Mission: Sumpah Palapa has been fixed.

Excavation Expedition IssueEdit

The issue of the Expedition Recall not working properly has been fixed.

Training CenterEdit

Updated so that My Home can no longer be used in the Training Center.

Monster AppearanceEdit

The appearances of the following monsters have been updated:

  • Angry Snake Fighter
  • Fierce Snake Fighter
  • Freezing Poisonous Snake
  • ???
  • Zulu Serpent
  • Zulu Medium


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