Auto-Battle (AB) is the ability for your team to do battle without you (the player) performing actions.


Click the Auto-Battle button in the Battle Controls to enable or disable Auto-Battle for your formation.

You can die during Auto-Battle; a good pairing with an Auto-Battle License is a Blessing License, which protects you from losing gold and experience when you die.

You can allow or disallow your team from using items in your Quick Slots (such as potions and elixirs) via a checkbox in System Menu > Settings > System tab > Use Quickslots in Auto-Battle.

Formation window Edit

You can also enable Auto-Battle at the Formation-level in the Formation screen.

You can enable Auto-Battle for individual mercenaries or your full formation from the formation window.

Click the Auto-Battle checkbox to enable Auto-Battle. Auto-Battle applies to your Main Character and any enabled mercenaries in your formation.

Normal Combat Edit

  • You need an Auto-Battle License to use Auto-Battle.
  • You can determine which skills your characters can use during Auto-Battle from the Skills window (disable any skill by unchecking the Auto-Battle checkbox). You cannot disable passive skills during Auto-Battle.
  • A player will accumulate 5 Auto-Battle Points (up to maximum points), for each manual battle.
  • Auto-Battle will consume potions and elixirs equipped in your Quick Slots.

Mercenary Auto-Battle Edit

There is also the ability to use Mercenary Auto-Battle to have your mercenaries battle autonomously.

Mercenary Auto-Battle is always available to you, without any license requirement! This is a decent free alternative to Auto-Battle, where you only need to move your Main Character. This works in both normal and TBS combat.

TBS Edit

In TBS Skirmish, your mercenaries can use Mercenary Auto-Battle for free (without a license), but your main character cannot.

Maximum Auto-Battle Points Edit

The maximum Auto-Battle Points is 50 by default.

If you have an active Auto-Battle License, an Auto-Battle Upgrade License lets you instantly refresh your Auto-Battle Points.

The maximum Auto-Battle Points can be increased by 20 by using these items: