Patch Notes: Australia Update part 2 Edit

  • Update
  • Sep. 05 2013

New Dungeon: Raging Vortex Edit

  • A new dungeon, Raging Vortex, is now available!
  • Must be level 142 to enter the dungeon.
  • This dungeon features the Classic Battle System.
  • You can accept the Raging Vortex quest from NPC Selena.
    • Help Selena, the Guardian of the Sea, is upset since the evil underwater emperor Kratos showed up and started taking her patch of ocean over. Now she’s looking for a hero to brave the Raging Vortex and defeat Kratos for good.
  • You can accept the Pure Waters quest from Selena.
    • Clean up the deep seas of Australia, which Emperor Kratos’ army destroyed, by collecting various items. Bring them to Selena, and create a cleansing sea breeze.
    • Pure Waters quests can be reset through Hui Chao using Secrets of Time: Pure Waters.
  • You can accept the Secrets of the Deep quest from Mysterious Rock.
    • There are strange rocks found in the waters of Australia. What kind of message are these rocks trying to tell us?

New Dungeon: Uluru Edit

  • A new dungeon, Uluru, is now available!
  • Must be level 160 to enter the dungeon.
  • This dungeon features the Classic Battle System.
  • You can accept the Succession quest from Prince Radiant.
    • Crown prince of the Demeian people, Radiant was too young to rule when his father died. When the prince came of age, the chancellor refused to step down and he was run out of the capital. While he’s largely ignorant of life outside of the palace, he has a gallant spirit and an inspiring voice – except when it comes to his guard, Karin. When she’s around, he becomes a gibbering mess.

New Craft Available: Judgment Gear Edit

  • Judgment gear can now be crafted.
  • Judgment gear requires a special element, Light of Judgment, in order to be crafted.
  • Judgment of Light is obtained by dismantling Judgment gear.

Function: Atlas Ore [E] Edit

  • Power Enhancing is now available with Atlas Ore (E).
  • Power Enhancing with Atlas Ore [E] will cost 20% less compared to standard Atlas Ore.
  • Power Enhancing functions will still apply with Atlas Ore [E].
    • Item has a possibility of being destroyed depending on upgrade level.
    • Upgrade reduction is still a possibility when Power Enhancing.