Australia is continent/region in the Surface World area of the World of Atlantica, with content from the mid 120s to 160 level range.


Towns Edit

Australian towns:

Questing Areas Edit

Blue Mountains Edit

Level 125+

Katherine Gorge Edit

Level 137+

Just outside Katherine Gorge/Nitmiluk Path is an area with lots of Wasps and Caterpillars. It's right where NPC Katherine is. This is a good place to grind (kill the bugs) if you are in the mid-130s and trying to get to level 137 so you can start doing Katherine Gorge and Prankster. See Wasp Area.

Raging Vortex Edit

Level 142+

Right outside Raging Vortex/Kratos' Maw is an area with lots of Alpacas and Fairies (level 148+). Every MMO should have an area with Alpacas and Fairies! ;-). It's right where NPC Selena is. This is a good place to grind. It's even a Shadow Dungeon area, so you can stand there with Auto-Battle on and go afk. Selena also has resettable quests here. See Fairy and Alpaca Area.

Bungle Bungle Range Edit

Level 156+

Uluru Edit

Level 160+

Quests Edit

See pages for sub-ares for quests in those areas.

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