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Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes this week's Patch Content Breakdown, August 27, 2020! This patch covers some of the new spicy additions in item mall as well as some minor tweaks for the grand tournament feature.

Please refer to the details below:

■Update Details

- Server Refresh

- Added 4 New Mounts

"Introducing the new hotrods to hit Atlantis! Zoom past your opponents at mach speed with the new Blazewheel Model! This mount comes in 4 different colors and you've got the option to pick the color of your choice!"

  • Crimson Blazewheel
  • Silver Blazewheel
  • Hot Pink Blazewheel
  • Fuxia Blazewheel

- Added Collection Set Book Bonus

"Feeling a bit spicy and want all of it? The "Blazewheel Collection" rewards players who have successfully bought all 4 Blazewheel mounts! See your Collection Book for more information."

Blazewheel Collection Set

Item Mall

|"Obtain the mounts through our new addition to the item mall, the Blazewheel Puzzle Piece!"

- Blazewheel Puzzle Piece

Complete all 25 puzzle pieces to get the Blazewheel Car Key to choose one of the 4 Blazewheels!

"We are bringing back these two amazing cards for sale! Head over to item mall for more information."

- Returning two cards to item mall:

Rare Camel Card
Blade of Shattering Winds

- AO Week Sale

August 27 - September 3, 2020


- Adjusted Grand Tournament Match Clock from 30-60secs