Atlantis is a level 3 Main Quest for Stormcaller, Blademaster and Battlemage. It is the first quest after the initial tutorial area.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Antillia Ariana Game Info -> Open World Map Experience: 50
Gold: 10,000
Spirit Weapon Box x 3
All Work and No Play Ariana Kill Malfunctioning Android (0/5) Experience: 100
Gold: 6,000
Divine Draught x 10
Comrades of Old Ariana Party Size: (0/4) Experience: 100
Gold: 5,000
Tactical Decision Making Ariana Change battle formation in [My Info] -> [Formation] Experience: 100
Gold: 5,000
Town Functions Ariana Buy at Hospital: Life Potion I (0/1) Experience: 200
Gold: 300
Life Potion I x 20
Out of Control Ariana Battle Robot Chipset (0/10) from Malfunctioning Androids and Broken Patrol Droids Experience: 300
Gold: 4,000
Spirit Weapon Box x 3
Next, Gen! Ariana Kill Patrol Droid Gen (0/1) Experience: 400
Gold: 3,000
A Clue Ariana Talk to Alice Experience: 200
Gold: 2,000
Enchant Stone I x 10
Complete Dreaming Path (Quest)
Dangerous Battlefield Ariana Equip Weapon: 5 Experience: 8,000
Gold: 70,000
Enchant Stone I x 20
Powerful Tools Ariana Enchant Any Item Experience: 8,000
Gold: 70,000
Ashen Crystal x 20
Precious Metals Ariana Deposit 1,000 gold in Bank Experience: 8,000
Gold: 70,000
A Place Long Forgotten Ariana [My Name is Eris] from Little Eris Experience: 8,000
Gold: 10,000
Complete Grave of Cubes (Quest)
Fatigue Recovery Ariana Fully heal your characters Experience: 70,000
Gold: 100,000
Insect's Weapon Box x 3
Oriharukon Ariana High-Density Oriharukon (0/1) from Imperial Machine Factory Experience: 200,000
Gold: 200,000
The Power of Salvation Ariana Fully heal your characters Experience: 300,000
Gold: 4,000,000
Oracle Summon Papyrus x 1
The Warrior's Path Ariana Talk to Aiman Experience: 20,000
Gold: 2,000,000
Mercenary Celebration Box x 1