Atlantis is one of 2 main areas of the World of Atlantica.


The other main area is the Surface World.

West Atlantis Edit

West Atlantis has, among other things, two well-known grinding areas, where players kill Rocky-Hoofed Lukons, Thorny-Bearded Lukons and Energy-Eating Lapurs and Soul-Eating Lapurs.

Use the World Map to see all of Atlantica.

Outposts Edit

Atlantis Outskirts Edit

Atlantis Outskirts is the starter area for the Atlantian Battlemage, Atlantian Blademaster and Stormcaller Atlantis Hero main classes.


Towns Edit

Outposts Edit


Titan Island Edit

Titan Island has no towns or outposts, only 2 portals, including one to Titan.