Atlantica Day is a player reward day that gives bonus buffs and gifts to every player logged in.

Atlantica Day occurs on the first Saturday of each month and is sometimes extended to Sunday or occurs on additional days.

Pacific: Saturday at 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Eastern: Saturday at 3:00 AM - Sunday, Nov. 8 at 2:59 AM

Bonuses Edit

Let's start with the bonuses. Atlantica Day gives you the boosts you need to level up, craft gear, and complete diary quests like a pro.

  • +100% to Experience
  • +100% to Workload
  • +100% to Crafting Experience
  • +100% to Party experience when killing monsters
  • +50% to Attack Power
  • +200% to Diary Experience

Prizes Edit

Don't wait for daybreak to join the celebration! Starting at midnight, you'll receive an Atlantica Day Lucky Box every 4 hours* (up to 6 times a day) as long as you're logged in

Obtain a key to the exclusive Honey Jar dungeon by staying logged in for 4 hours.

Atlantacong Exchange Edit

Time to put those Atlantica Day Coupons to use! Visit Atlantacong Junior and Atlantacong Senior in Rome (near the gate) to trade in your coupons for gear!

Atlantacong Senior Edit

  • First Acong's Gift Box
  • +7 Freezing Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Ghost Warrior Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Ghost Gunner Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Ghost Conjurer Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Walachia Weapons (7 Days)

Atlantacong Junior Edit

  • Second Acong's Gift Box
  • +7 Dark Pegasus Whip (7 Days)
  • +7 Pegaus Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Evil Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Dragon God's Weapons (7 Days)
  • +7 Phoenix's Weapons (7 Days)