At The Gates Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Feb. 21 2012

New Nation Dungeon: Yggdrasil’s Three GatewaysEdit

  • [Yggdrasil’s Three Gateways] has been added.
  • You can enter [Yggdrasil’s Three Gateways] through [World Tree’s Trunk] after using [World Tree Gateway Key].
  • You can purchase [World Tree Gateway Key] from NPC [Pointry] at the Bazaar in Rome.
  • There are three floors in this dungeon; you can only advance to a new floor once all monsters are cleared on the present floor.
  • Auto-Level Adjustment system  for monsters has been added
  • Monster’s level and stats will auto-adjust to the level of your main character, except for boss monsters.
  • Bonus rewards will be given based on how long it takes to complete the dungeon; the quicker the dungeon is finished, the more rewards you will receive.
  • There is a set chance that you can obtain special My Home decorations of Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi by defeating certain bosses within the dungeon.

Mercenary: ValkyrieEdit

  • Valkyrie recruitment quest has been added.
  • Gilded Mimir, guardian of the Spring of Wisdom, had his memories corrupted because of an attack he survived of past Atlantians. He has created a part of himself, before he lost his memories, believing that Atlantis would be resurrected again. This clone was only supposed to appear once the resurrection of Atlantis was near. Meet Mimir’s alter ego and recruit the Valkyrie, ruler of the heavens, as a mercenary.
  • You can begin the quest at lvl. 100 through NPC [Gilded Mimir] in [Yggdrasil]. He stands right outside of the entrance to [Yggdrasil’s Three Gateways]
  • This quest can be reset by using [Secrets of Time: Valkyrie].
  • New Valkyrie Skill [Valhalla’s Sword] has been added.
  • [Valhalla’s Sword] has a set chance of activation when using a basic Physical Attack. When Activated [Valhalla’s Sword] will deal piercing damage and stun the target if possible. (If target is at Combo 1, when activated this skill will push the Combo counter to 3, or 4 if in skirmish battle, and cause the target to be stunned.)
  • [Book: Valhalla’s Sword] can be obtained from [Yggdrasil’s Three Gateways], the new nation dungeon.
  • [Quickening] has been adjusted; further details will be available in the competition section of the patch notes.


  • Some of quests that did not require keys to enter the boss areas of dungeons now require keys.
  • 3 [Atelier of Solitude Keys] to enter [Atelier of Solitude] will be given when you complete NPC [Emily]’s [Hiding Manager] quest, which is part of [The Owner of the Cursed Brush] quest line.
  • 3 [Keep Tower Keys] to enter [Roof of the Black Keep] will be given when you complete NPC [Nohime]'s [Supplement 2] quest, which is a part of [Shogun Castle of Death] quest line.
  • 3 [Keep Tower Keys] to enter [Roof of the Black Keep] will be given when you complete NPC [Miyamoto Musashi]'s [Use the Charm] quest, which is a part of [The Warrior's Path] quest line.
  • Certain parts of NPC [Vivian]’s dialogue in the witch recruitment quest line have been changed. [Love] quest dialogue has been updated and a hint section has been added.
  • Certain parts of NPC [Novice Witch]’s dialogue in the witch recruitment quest line have been changed. Quest dialogues for short-answer quests such as [Pain of the Past], [Fear of the Past], [Eyes of the Watcher], and [Sadness of the Past] have been updated and a hint section for each quest has been added.
  • Certain changes have been made to NPC [Mehmed II] and [Ismet]’s dialogues in the [Constantinople Battlefield] quest to sound consistent.
  • The item tooltip of the Yggdrasil quest item [Gold Detector], that NPC [Hugin] asks you to bring, has been modified.
  • Typos and spacing errors in quest scenarios have been fixed.
  • Missing font colors in the quest scenarios for Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been fixed.
  • The incorrect quest item tooltips for Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been fixed.
  • The texts for answering NPC [Utnapishtim]’s [Can’t Remember Well…] have been fixed.
  • In the [Cannoneer Recruitment] quests, NPC [Kaguyahime]’s [The Hidden Keep] quest has been changed to [Black Keep Basement].

Improvements to Beginner GiftsEdit

  • [Helper Box] has been added.
  • [Helper Box] can be obtained as a quest reward upon completing the tutorial area.
  • Many items that make questing easier can be obtained from these boxes, and can be opened only when you reach certain levels. (currently these levels are 3, 15, 25, 35, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100)
  • Since [Helper Box] has been added, other reward items that use to be given when certain levels are reached will no longer be available.
  • All characters below level 100 who have completed the tutorial area will receive the appropriate Helper Box that is proportionate to their level via in-game mailbox.


  • Changes have been made to Gun Main/Inventor’s summon machine skill.
  • Small Catapult, Siege Catapult, Ballista and Giant Balista will recover 72 AP per turn. This means the AP will recover at a set amount rather than a random amount and will apply to Hunting, Competitions and Free League.
  • Nike’s Spellbook scroll activation chance in competition has been adjusted.
  • Activation chance of Silence and Divinity scrolls has been reduced while the activation chance of other scrolls has been increased.


  • The number of monsters that appear in Three Kingdoms Skirmish [Wulin], [Gourd Crossing], and [Huarong Pass] have been changed from 7 to 6.
  • In Troy’s [Fortress Assault] mission, monster [Sharpedon] will now appear as soon as you receive the mission.
  • The number of Lion Flamethrowers in Africa TBS solo mission [Journey Home] has been changed.
  • In Three Kingdoms [Battle of Red Cliffs], the location where Cao Cao appears has been changed.
  • The number of monsters coming from the attacking ship in Three Kingdoms [Naval Clash] mission has been decreased.
  • Number of ships in [Naval Clash] has been greatly decreased and the attack frequency increased.
  • Issue where HP was not displaying properly after running some Africa TBS missions has been fixed.
  • In [Saving Helen] TBS Mission, the boss monster [Riederan’s Pulverizer] will now show up after the ship, which Helen boarded, has reached its destination.
  • [Freezing Spirit] that shows up in Africa TBS [Revenge of the Spirits] mission has been changed to [Tempest Spirit]. However, the number of spirits you need to protect hasn’t changed.
  • When you move to the final mission location in [Saving Helen] TBS mission, the boss monster will now appear right away.
  • A warning message will now appear when [Helen] is attacked in [Saving Helen] TBS mission.
  • A message box has been added to warn you if the HP of the ship, which [Helen] is in, falls below a certain level in [Saving Helen] TBS mission.
  • In Africa TBS mission [Unification], if [Zulu Medium] is killed before transforming, the mission will now result in a failure.
  • The stats for [Tainted Earth Spirit] and [Tainted Plant Spirit] in Africa Skirmish [Spirit Pasture] have been increased.
  • The feature where you leave TBS missions when you are inactive has been removed.


  • Stats in competition have been changed as follows:
  • Strength – Increases amount of melee physical attack/ 1 Str. has been decreased.
  • Dexterity - Increase amount of range physical attack/1 Dex. has been decreased.
  • Intelligence – Increase amount of physical attack/1 Int. has been decreased.
  • Basic physical attack power has been increased in Colosseum League.
  • Valkyrie’s [Quickening] skill has been adjusted so that AP will increase based on upgrade level and the magic skill level of the Valkyrie. You will see more AP at higher level upgrades and magic skill levels. AP will increase in Colosseum League.
  •  Monk’s basic magic skill has been changed from [Protect] to [Awakening]/
  • The additional damage caused when using [Chaos Edge] and [Thunderbolt Slash] on top of [Weapon Rend] was adjusted so the damage is the same has the existing damage level.
  • The effect of monster magic [Synoptic Freezing Atmosphere] and [Synoptic Blazing Earth] has been enhanced.


  • Unsealed My Home items will now be untradeable.
  • My Home items that are currently unsealed and in the market will be returned to their respective characters via in-game mailbox.
  • The amount of [Dragon Crystal]s/Atlas Ore needed to upgrade the mercenaries who require them has changed.  


  • The issue of being able to teach/share crafting improperly on Titan has been fixed.


  • The max amount of tradable gold has been increased to 99,999,999,999. This will affect registered items in the Market, Bank Deposit, Personal Trade, Personal Store and Auction items.
  • A Repair system that allows you to repair the gear of your mercenaries while in Expedition formation has been added to the game. Click on the repair icon at the bottom near the send button to start the repair. (Repair is available before and after you send mercenaries on an Expedition).
  • When you recruit a new mercenary, they will now join your party with his/her auto-battle function disabled.
  • [Dream Realm] tutorial area has been revamped.
  • If you are at My Home when Ind. Dungeon ends, My Home will close and move you to where you should be.
  • Join Battle window will now be displayed when you click on a monster that's currently in battle with your friend, a same guild member, or a same nation member. (However, if you are already in a party with your community friend, you will be participated in the battle automatically).
  • A feature has been added where you can view the details of Personal Trade.
  • View Personal Trade details under [Community] – [List] – [Personal Trade].
  • Details of Personal Trades can be viewed up to 90 days since the trade took place.
  • The issue where [Magic Mastery], a main character talent, not being applied to certain spells has been fixed.
  • The issue where Life Skill experience was being displayed abnormally has been fixed.
  • The issue of not being able to use the [Report] function in Skirmish has been fixed.
  • Characters that are Lv. 100 or higher will now be able to view loading screens for all levels when moving to a different region.
  • Issue where Field Info was not showing up properly for [Ruined Shrine of Snakes] has been fixed.

Valley of Oblivion Edit

  • Guild Dungeon [Valley of Oblivion] has been updated.
  • The level of the monsters in the dungeon will now auto-adjust to the level of your main character.
  • Existing monster info will be deleted.
  • The number of monsters in the dungeon has been increased.
  • Experience obtained and the value of the rewards obtained while hunting have been increased.

Excavation ExpeditionEdit

  • Excavation Expedition has been added.
  • Excavation Expedition is new content for anyone who is in a guild and owns a My Home, the objective is to take over the Oriharukon Mines on Titan in order to receive special items.
  • Send your expedition to the desired Oriharukon Mine through NPC [Butler Acong] in My Home and have them battle against other guild’s Expeditions.
  • The guild who is victorious in the expedition battles will take control of the Oriharukon Mine.
  • Mines exist in all areas of Southern Europe on Titan. You can click on the mines to see the following information: Occupying guild/Expedition, Resource Deposit, Expedition on Stand-By, Watch Battle.
  • The mine’s deposit and yield are proportionate to its size. The mine will disappear once its deposits are depleted.
  • A total of 10 Expeditions can be stationed in one mine and will receive [Oriharukon] and experience at designated time intervals.
  • You can view the progress of Excavation Expedition through [Community] – [Mine Control] located at the top menu.

Momentum EXP SystemEdit

  • Momentum EXP System has been added.
  • A set percentage of EXP obtained from defeating monsters will be accumulated and given to you to automatically every 10th battle you win.
  • You can select the location where the EXP will be distributed to, Battle Formation or My Home EXP will be given to the lowest level Mercenary at the selected location.
  • Battle that yields no experience will not be counted towards the 10 needed to obtain accumulated EXP.
  • Being AFK, Idle, and not contributing in a party will not count towards the 10 battles needed to obtain accumulated EXP.

Improvements to Market FunctionEdit

  • Multiple Page function has been added to the market.
  • Maximum number of items shown on one page is 100. Any more can be viewed by clicking the [Next Page] button.