Ashen Jewels are used to upgrade D-grade mercenaries. They are dropped by a few monsters throughout the game or can be crafted.

Mercenary upgrades Edit

The following mercenaries can be upgraded using Ashen Jewels:

Each mercenary can be upgraded twice using ashen jewels. The first opportunity is at level 80 and requires 20 ashen jewels. The second opportunity is at level 100 and requires 50 ashen jewels. This process upgrades a mercenary through grades two and one.

Dropped by monsters

Very Low[Wasp]Insect Nest
Very Low[Queen Wasp]Insect Nest
Very Low[Fire Hound]Bran Castle
Very Low[Red Striped Bat]Bran Castle
Very Low[Servant]Bran Castle
Very Low[Rakshasa Soldier]Mohenjodaro Graveyard

Crafting Edit

Can be crafted using the Crystal crafting skill at skill level 18.

LevelItemRequired ItemsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
18 Ashen-Jewel Ashen Jewel x 5 [Ashen Crystal]×60
[Energy of Atmosphere]×10
[Earth Element Shard]×100
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