Ashen crystals are used to upgrade D-grade mercenaries. They are dropped by many monsters throughout the game.

Ashen Crystal
Ashen Crystal
Item stats
Type: Crystal
Min level: 20
Craftable: no
Fixed Price: 8,000

Mercenary upgrades Edit

The following mercenaries can be upgraded using ashen crystals:

Each mercenary can be upgraded twice using ashen crystals. The first opportunity is at level 20 and requires 50 ashen crystals. The second opportunity is at level 50 and requires 100 ashen crystals. This process upgrades a mercenary through grades four and three, up to grade two. Subsequent upgrades require Ashen Jewels.

Dropped by monsters

Medium[Blue Dragon]Sea Palace Courtyard
Low[Crab Soldier]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Low[Crab Warrior]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Low[Headless Soldier]Yosun Temple
Low[Headless Warrior]Yosun Temple
Low[Margo's Ace Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Medium[Margo's Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Low[Margo's Bowmen]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Medium[Parrot]Southeast Asia India
Medium[Queen Wasp]Wasp Nest
Low[Royal Guard]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Medium[Small Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza
Low[Sword Dancer]Sea Palace Courtyard
Medium[Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza