Archer portrait

Archer mercenary.

The Archer (Robin Hood) is a grade D Bow Mercenary.

A Dark Archer is an upgraded (to class C) Archer (class D) mercenary.

The Archer can send her arrows to any enemy on the battlefield, making her an excellent sniper for your formation. She may only hit one target at a time, but her high attack power and range more than make up for this.

When not going on the offensive, the Archer can use Silence magic to prevent enemies from using magic.

You can have as many of this mercenary as you like.

Assessment Edit

Robin Hood is a decent starter merc and among the least expensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up). She does decent damage and her Silence skill can stop an enemy row from casting magic skills.

At some point when you get to the higher in-game levels (>120), you will probably want a merc with more and better skills and damage potential.

Employment Edit

An Archer can be employed in your Home as a Chef. See My Home for details.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit


Formation Tip: An archer deals the highest damage of all the D class range mercenaries.

Archers can attack a single target anywhere on the battlefield. They have high Attack Power and Dexterity permitting them to make frequent, high damage attacks, as well as a high Evasion Rate. However, they have low Health and Defense, making them vulnerable to physical damage. Archers can use the Silence skill to prevent enemy targets from using any skills for a limited time. In PvP battles, Archers do additional damage to ranged type opponents but less damage to caster types.

Archers are ideal to pick off weakened enemies that tries to move back out of range of Melee mercenaries. Her Silence magic skill can effect 3 enemies at once when she is upgraded. However the spell will not affect bosses past Bran Castle dungeon, making the spell useless on bosses, but can affect regular enemies around the boss. There are also a handful of regular enemies that are immune to Silence in high level dungeons. An archer's Action Power gain is high so she will be able to move more than other mercenaries.

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Ashen Crystal and Ashen Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Archer 1 None 160 230 220 140 280 250
Archer I 20 50 Ashen Crystal 170 250 260 180 125 250
Archer II 50 100 Ashen Crystal 180 280 290 230 181 250
Robin Hood 80 20 Ashen Jewel 190 300 320 250 251 250
Robin Hood I 100 50 Ashen Jewel 203 321 342 267 335 250
Robin Hood II 120 250 Ashen Jewel 214 340 365 285 419 250
Robin Hood III 130 200 Ashen Jewel 224 360 387 304 499 250
Robin Hood IV 140 200 Ashen Jewel 236 382 412 325 596 250
Robin Hood V 150 200 Ashen Jewel 250 405 441 284 716 250
Robin Hood VI 160 200 Ashen Jewel 300 486 529 417 859 250

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Silence Silence Edit

The mercenary silences the opponent, preventing them from using Magic skills. Also lowers Defense and Attack Power of the enemy.

Deadly shot Deadly Shot Edit

A strike of desperation while on the verge of death. The attack puts a strain on your Action Power, delaying your next turn.

Background [History] Edit

Robin Hood is a hero in English folklore, a highly-skilled archer and outlaw. In particular, he is known for "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor," assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his "Merry Men". Robin and many of his men wore Lincoln green clothes.

There are many songs and stories about him, starting in medieval times, and continuing through more modern literature, films, and television series. In the earliest sources Robin Hood is a commoner, but he was often later portrayed as an aristocrat, wrongfully dispossessed of his lands and made into an outlaw.

Source: Wikipedia

Was Robin Hood a myth? No!
Historians have proof. His name is forever remembered, not for his cause, but for his legendary shooting ability with the longbow. And his name is synonymous with the most difficult of bow shots -- where one arrow splits another.

Was Robin Hood a myth?
A legend?
Or an historical figure?
New research has wiped away the cobwebs of time!
Now historians have uncovered information to put him in historical prospective.
The Robert Fitzooth of the legend can now be put in the lead, as nearest to the truth.
His name is forever etched in infamy, not for his cause, but for his shooting ability.
His cause was defending the poor against the rich.
Actually robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.
His name is synonymous with one incredible bow shot.
With his English longbow, goose feathered cloth yard shaft, and hammered arrowheads, he shot his arrow into another arrow.
He did not do this by accident, but on purpose!
In front of an audience he accomplished this task.
Some say he did in front of the queen of England!
Others say he did this to save Maid Marion.
In truth he did it!
But, in view of whom, we may never know!
A few basic facts; Robin had 70 score men.
To be a member of Robin's gang you had to fight him, and win!
Robin was a punk; he liked to pick fights.
If he won, he did not want the man.
If the man beat him, then that man could become a member, i.e. Little John!
Robin taught archery.
Each man would shoot at a 'willow Wand". ( Small tree )
If the man hit it he would be congratulated, if he missed he would be punched in the face by the man next in line.
You had to learn to shoot well, quickly!
Robin got his name, not by birth, but by his attire.
The queen, or Maid Marion gave him his prize, and legend tells us when they handed him the silver arrow saying, "Here is your prize Rob - in - the - hood!"
Hence, Rob-in -Hood!
Robin prayed to the Virgin Mary every day, and in keeping with the English knights he honored all women and defended them at any cost.

Many scholars point out that Maid Marion was not in the original stories and she was not included until 200 years after Robert's death.
The exact date of Robert's death is unknown.
It is believed that he was born in 1160, and died in 1245 of bloodletting.
The image of Robin and the original 12th century stories were portrayed, historically accurate in the late 1950s, by Richard Greene, Archie Duncan and Bernadette 'Farrell.
Yes, Robin was real!
His myth expounded.
His legend lives, and longbows are still shot.
Yes, longbows are still in existence!
Shot by who?
Shot by archers of today.
Although archery has changed, it has stayed the same.
Compounds parade the market.
Arrows travelling at 300 feet per second are in vogue.
But, many still shoot stick and string.
Traditional Archery is growing.
Several magazines are focused on that one phase of the sport of archery.
The ancient art of shooting the bow and arrow is still alive today!
More and more people are coming back to archery's roots.
Longbows essentially are a stick and string.
A piece of leather wrapped around the bow arm for an armguard and a finger guard.
The arrows are constructed of wood, aluminum, carbon, or fiberglass.
Equipped with field points for target shooting, or broadheads for hunting.
EVERY arrow should be inspected before firing.
Traditional archery is a form that has no sight pins, no peep sights, or stabilizers.
You do not just wing it.
It is comprised of several consistent steps that need to be accomplished shot after shot.
From anchor point to after the release needs to be the same, time after time.
You need a bow that is right for you.
The length, the draw weight and arrows must be matched.
Where does one go to get started?
To the experts!
There are two dealers that I know in my area who specialize in traditional tackle.

Bob Holzhauser runs silver Arrow Archery in Derry, NH.
He has been selling traditional gear since 1984, and can set you up right.
According to Bob his business is good, and he is seeing more people entering the sport than ever before.
He sells, instructs and tunes the gear.
His most common requests are for longbows that average around 50 lbs. Draw weight.
According to Bob people that use bows that are hard to shoot develop bad habits and poor marksmanship.
Bob knows his tackle and is willing to help the novice shooter.
Ray and Renee Grenier of Lost Nation Archery concur.
Ray states that longbows and recurves sell best in the 50 lb. range.
Beginners have to develop muscles and around 50 lbs. is best for the new traditional shooter.
Ray boasts of having 150 bows in stock for youths and adults!
He also advertises as being the longest running traditional shop East of the Mississippi.
Located in Allenstown, NH, Ray can also help you get started right.
Ray and his wife teach the basics and get students back to the archery Robin Hood and his men used to shoot.
If you want a custom made bow, let George do it.
George Trefethen of Newmarket, NH makes Ol Timer Bows one at a time.
Recurve bows made to your specifications are his specialality.
He can take you outside to shoot his smooth recurves and see that they fit you and fly right.
Nifty grips, smooth shooting and great looks make this an easy bow to shoot.
Maybe Rob-in-hood lived over 800 years ago, but the arch of an arrow as it drops in the target is a rush that you cannot get with drugs.
The spirit of the medieval yeoman is something that one can only experience in traditional archery.
The gentle thump of the string and the swish of the feathers through the air brings one back to a more romantic time.
A time of knights, a time of Lincoln Green, a time of history that can never be again.
But, yet that spirit lives on.
The spirit of Robin Hood lives in our souls.
Every time I loose an arrow out of my longbow, I go back to merry old England.
The spirit of the woods lives in those who promote, sell, and teach the sport of archery.

Still there is a special place for those like Bob, Ray, George and others who shoot traditional archery.
You can't see it, touch it, or even explain it until you pick up and shoot one of mankind's oldest weapons.
Yes, Robin Hood, in spirit lives on!

Source: ROBIN HOOD!, by Art Champoux.