The Antillia Artisan District is the crafting hub in Atlantica Online. It houses all of the game's crafting NPCs who can teach you how to learn any crafting skill.

See Craft for more information about crafting and the list of Crafting NPCs.

The Artisan District is in Antillia, the capital of Atlantis.

Free teleportation to the Artisan District is available for all players of at least character level 20 via:

  1. The Go To City menu on the right side of the User Interface:
  2. Artisan District: teleports you to Antillia's Artisan district

New Player Tip Edit

Antillia Artisan District has 3 generic crafting NPCs that can level carious crafts up to level 51. Go visit these soon after creating a new character.

  • Item Droid Sion
  • Arms Droid Demirel
  • Arms Droid Notelleon
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