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Accessories are types of equipment that are worn in addition to the standard equipment sets and weapons.

Accessories include Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Rings.

Star Stones[]

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces can have sockets added to it and then it can be upgraded using Star Stones.

Craftable Items[]

Level Item Crafting Materials Workload Exp Gain/Batch
1 [Ring of Strength]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×2
[Iron Sand]×20
3,500 70
[Ring of Dexterity]×1
[Ring of Vitality]×1
[Ring of Intelligence]×1
5 [Ring of Dull Swords]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×10
6,500 130
[Ring of Blunt Spears]×1
[Ring of Dull Axes]×1
[Ring of Broken Arrows]×1
[Ring of Wet Gunpowder]×1
[Ring of Empty Cannons]×1
[Ring of Null Magic]×1
10 [Ring of the Wiseman]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×30
40,000 800
[Ring of the Phoenix]×1
[Ring of Wind]×1
[Ring of the Hero]×1
25 [Ring of Eternity]×1 [Ashen Jewel]×10
[Gold Ingot]×180
[Fusing Agent]×10
350,000 7,000
[Ring of the Strong Man]×1
[Ring of the Gale]×1
[Ring of the Hermit]×1
30 [Ring of Assassination]×1 [Multi-Hued Crystal]×5
[Silver Ingot]×200
[Gold Ingot]×100
1,120,000 22,400
[Ring of Protection]×1
[Ring of Salvation]×1
[Ring of Destruction]×1
50 [Ring of Endurance]×1 [Multi-Hued Jewel]×2
[Gold Ingot]×500
[Platinum Ingot]×150
2,800,000 56,000
[Ring of Devotion]×1
[Ring of Malice]×1
[Ring of Rage]×1
54 [Shimmering Opal Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×150
[Sea Element]×330
8,000,000 160,000
58 [Sharp Opal Necklace]×1
62 [Tough Opal Necklace]×1
65 [Ring of Nobility]×1 [Multi-Hued Jewel]×3
[Blue Sapphire]×70
[Flame Element]×80
[Sea Element]×200
14,000,000 280,000
70 [Ring of Volition]×1
75 [Ring of Celerity]×1
80 [Ring of Sacrifice]×1
82 [Shimmering Ruby Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×400
[Flame Element]×330
[Van Gogh's Soul Stone]×2
16,000,000 320,000
86 [Sharp Ruby Necklace]×1
90 [Tough Ruby Necklace]×1
94 [Pangu's Ring]×1 [Mystic Gem]×10
[Crystal of Temptation]×3
[Hydra's Poisonous Gland]×5
[Blue Sapphire]×100
[Large Diamond]×10
[Flame Element]×200
[Storm Element]×60
60,000,000 1,200,000
96 [Nuwa's Ring]×1
98 [Chi You's Ring]×1
100 [Fu Xi's Ring]×1
103 [Shimmering Sapphire Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×500
[Earth Essence]×50
[Corrupted Unicorn Tear]×3
[Shimmering Opal]×120
[Shimmering Sapphire]×40
80,000,000 1,600,000
105 [Sharp Sapphire Necklace]×1
107 [Tough Sapphire Necklace]×1
110 [Awakened Pangu's Ring]×1 [Mystic Gem]×15
[Crystal of Temptation]×5
[Hydra's Poisonous Gland]×10
[Shimmering Opal]×100
[Shimmering Sapphire]×30
[Storm Element]×90
[Earth Essence]×30
150,000,000 3,000,000
111 [Awakened Nuwa's Ring]×1
112 [Awakened Chi You's Ring]×1
113 [Awakened Fu Xi's Ring]×1
120 [Riederan's Necklace]×1 [Riederan's Soul Shard]×60
[Historical Essence]×300
[Necklace Mold]×500
[Shimmering Opal]×500
[Shimmering Sapphire]×500
[Large Diamond]×50
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×500
[Sunset Afterglow]×20