Accessories are types of equipment that are worn in addition to the standard equipment sets and weapons.

Accessories include rings and necklaces.

Star Stones Edit

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces can have sockets added to it and then it can be upgraded using Star Stones.

Craftable ItemsEdit

LevelItemCrafting MaterialsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
1 [Ring of Strength]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×2
[Iron Sand]×20
3,500 70
[Ring of Dexterity]×1
[Ring of Vitality]×1
[Ring of Intelligence]×1
5 [Ring of Dull Swords]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×10
6,500 130
[Ring of Blunt Spears]×1
[Ring of Dull Axes]×1
[Ring of Broken Arrows]×1
[Ring of Wet Gunpowder]×1
[Ring of Empty Cannons]×1
[Ring of Null Magic]×1
10 [Ring of the Wiseman]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×30
40,000 800
[Ring of the Phoenix]×1
[Ring of Wind]×1
[Ring of the Hero]×1
25 [Ring of Eternity]×1 [Ashen Jewel]×10
[Gold Ingot]×180
[Fusing Agent]×10
350,000 7,000
[Ring of the Strong Man]×1
[Ring of the Gale]×1
[Ring of the Hermit]×1
30 [Ring of Assassination]×1 [Multi-Hued Crystal]×5
[Silver Ingot]×200
[Gold Ingot]×100
1,120,000 22,400
[Ring of Protection]×1
[Ring of Salvation]×1
[Ring of Destruction]×1
50 [Ring of Endurance]×1 [Multi-Hued Jewel]×2
[Gold Ingot]×500
[Platinum Ingot]×150
2,800,000 56,000
[Ring of Devotion]×1
[Ring of Malice]×1
[Ring of Rage]×1
54 [Shimmering Opal Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×150
[Sea Element]×330
8,000,000 160,000
58 [Sharp Opal Necklace]×1
62 [Tough Opal Necklace]×1
65 [Ring of Nobility]×1 [Multi-Hued Jewel]×3
[Blue Sapphire]×70
[Flame Element]×80
[Sea Element]×200
14,000,000 280,000
70 [Ring of Volition]×1
75 [Ring of Celerity]×1
80 [Ring of Sacrifice]×1
82 [Shimmering Ruby Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×400
[Flame Element]×330
[Van Gogh's Soul Stone]×2
16,000,000 320,000
86 [Sharp Ruby Necklace]×1
90 [Tough Ruby Necklace]×1
94 [Pangu's Ring]×1 [Mystic Gem]×10
[Crystal of Temptation]×3
[Hydra's Poisonous Gland]×5
[Blue Sapphire]×100
[Large Diamond]×10
[Flame Element]×200
[Storm Element]×60
60,000,000 1,200,000
96 [Nuwa's Ring]×1
98 [Chi You's Ring]×1
100 [Fu Xi's Ring]×1
103 [Shimmering Sapphire Necklace]×1 [Necklace Mold]×500
[Earth Essence]×50
[Corrupted Unicorn Tear]×3
[Shimmering Opal]×120
[Shimmering Sapphire]×40
80,000,000 1,600,000
105 [Sharp Sapphire Necklace]×1
107 [Tough Sapphire Necklace]×1
110 [Awakened Pangu's Ring]×1 [Mystic Gem]×15
[Crystal of Temptation]×5
[Hydra's Poisonous Gland]×10
[Shimmering Opal]×100
[Shimmering Sapphire]×30
[Storm Element]×90
[Earth Essence]×30
150,000,000 3,000,000
111 [Awakened Nuwa's Ring]×1
112 [Awakened Chi You's Ring]×1
113 [Awakened Fu Xi's Ring]×1
120 [Riederan's Necklace]×1 [Riederan's Soul Shard]×60
[Historical Essence]×300
[Necklace Mold]×500
[Shimmering Opal]×500
[Shimmering Sapphire]×500
[Large Diamond]×50
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×500
[Sunset Afterglow]×20
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