Atlantica Online is a dynamic turn-based fantasy MMORPG set on Earth using historical characters and locations. Sample locations are Shogun Palace, Constantinople and Rome (the game's capital city). Sample NPCs are Marco Polo, Tutankhamun and Athena.

Atlantica is F2P (free to play), with an online shop called the Item Mall. Unlike many other freemium games, you can play Atlantica in its entirety for free. No part of the game (no content) is locked out from free players. There are items you can buy that can improve game play (see Licenses), but you can, and I have often done so for months at a time, play for zero dollars spent.

You create a team of 1 main character and 8 mercenaries to create a formation. You can even have more than 8 mercenaries and swap them in and out of your team as needed, even during combat.

Currently Atlantica has 13 main character classes and over 70 mercenaries. There are 11 weapon types for melee, ranged and magic combat. Each character, main or mercenary, equips 1 or 2 weapons (or a shield) and various armors, such as chest, legs, gloves, boots, helmet, bracelets, earrings, necklace and more.

There are mounts, decorations, clothes and more. Unlike most other MMORPGs, you can use and resell almost all weapons, equipment, decorations, mounts, etc. after using them. There are some No-Trade (bind on pickup) items, but most are not.

Atlantica has player housing where you can have employees, craft, decorate and have feasts with your friends, guild and nation mates. Feasts give you temporary buffs and every player with a house and a Chef can hold one feast of each type daily.

Each character, main or mercenary, can have multiple skills, which can range from offensive to defensive to utility to healing to debuffs to buffs.

There are 2 different types of combat, normal and TBS. In normal combat, you place your mercenaries in a 3 * 3 grid and fight against 1 - 3 groups of up to 9 monsters.

Atlantica has guilds and nations, which can consist of up to 10 guilds.

Atlantica has in-depth crafting. Players can craft armor, weapons, food, scrolls, and even skill books. Guild crafting allows all guild members to help craft items.

Atlantica has automatic movement and teleportation built in, you can auto-move to quest givers and monsters, and teleport just about anywhere.

Atlantica has multiple types of PvP.

Maximum level is currently 200.

The setting of Atlantica Online is Earth. You can complete quests on all continents and Atlantis, many of the dungeons are based on historical or legendary settings (e.g. Marksburg Castle, Shogun Castle of Death, Bran Castle, Grimm Woods, etc.), many of the NPCs are historical figures like Marco Polo, Columbus, Livingstone, etc. Even the mercenaries and monsters are based on history or legend (Grimm Brothers, Janissary) and make sense for their location.

The player community on Atlantica is one of the best I have ever encountered. Sure, there is the occasional jerk, but the vast majority of the community are friendly and helpful!