A Tense Moment is a mercenary recruitment quest chain offered by NPC Kim Choon Sam to recruit Trainee Kim Choon Sam. The objectives focus on killing mobs in the Mysterious Saloon dungeon, using and crafting items.

In order to complete the quest, you will need [Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1, (...) and [Basic Info] on Covetous Official.

This quest can be reset by trading [Secrets of Time: Kim Choon Sam]×1 with NPC Hui Chao or by choosing 'Reset' on the quest menu (Alt+L). Currently, Secrets of Time: Kim Choon Sam cannot be registered (thus, bought) from Market, so player will have to either craft the item or buy it directly from other players.

Quest Details Edit

Quest Edit

Quest Objective NPC Rewards Notes
Gratitude Use Mysterious Vial: Wisdom (0/1) Kim Choon Sam Experience 400,000

Gold 750,000

Kim Choon Sam's Concern Craft [Legendary Main Character Shield] (0/1)

Legendary Main Character Shield (0/1)

Kim Choon Sam Experience 600,000

Gold 800,000

The item must be crafted during this quest. Pre-crafted items do not fulfill the first requirement of the quest.
For The Greater Cause Fully heal your characters Kim Choon Sam Experience 500,000

Gold 800,000

For The Greater Cause II Buy 1 Life Potion (IV) from Market Kim Choon Sam Experience 500,000

Gold 900,000

Loyal Man [Bribed People] from [Loyal Royal Soldier] Kim Choon Sam Experience 500,000

Gold 750,000

Talk to [Loyal Royal Soldier] and clear his quests to continue
Bribed People Kill Covetous Soldier (0/30) Loyal Royal Soldier Experience 10,000,000

Gold 3,000,000

Found in Saloon: Annex
Be Extra Careful Acquire [Basic Info] on Covetous Official Loyal Royal Soldier Experience 5,000,000

Gold 2,550,000

[Covetous Officials] spawn from killed [Covetous Soldiers]
Be Extra Careful II [Unfinished Story] from [(Shadow) Kim Choon Sam] Loyal Royal Soldier Experience 2,000,000

Gold 1,000,000

Talk to [(Shadow) Kim Choon Sam] to continue
Unfinished Story Put mercenary in Merc. Room Kim Choon Sam Experience 600,000

Gold 800,000

Item [Summoning Book: Kim Choon Sam]×1

Merc. Room Licenses must be obtained elsewhere. See Notes

Notes Edit