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Atlantica Online: ANTARK (The Land of Chill)[]

  • Jul. 25 2019

Antark Main BN2.jpg

Following the most recent update for ATLANTICA ONLINE brings you ANTARK: The Land of Chill. Brace yourself as you enter this Icy Graveyard that gives you the chills when you explore. Gear up, test your skills against an endless hoard of monsters that are stronger than ever. The map gives you a picture of an OLD CIVILIZATION end in ruins, areas that are foggy when you go deep to the area and dangerous mountain paths will give you the challenge on the navigation.

The seal for the new land is broken and the cold aura illuminates the portal. Some adventurers who scout the field covered in snow never came back and only the howls of monsters can be heard. Face your fear and challenge the new release map "Antark", you may never know what happens until you explore it.

The gates have been revealed. ANTARK also has additional gates which will be discover soon for additional quest and exploration not to mention stronger monsters. Roam around the map to see these gates and soon you will able to explore them to face new challenges.

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