Valofe forgot to post Event notes, here is what we know:

February 8 - March 8, 2018

Login Rewards Edit

Stay logged in each day for 4 hours

  • After 1 hour: Ice Rink Ticket (30 minutes)
  • After 2 hours: Gold Medal x 2
  • After 3 hours: Ice Rink Ticket (30 minutes)
  • After 4 hours: Gold Medal x 2

Quests Edit

Daily Quests at level 50 are offered by:

  • Hockey Coach Acong (right outside event Ice Rink): all involve killing monsters in Ice Rink
  • Goddess of the Games (Just inside the Gate in Rome): various AO activities

All quests can be done remotely.

Ice Rink Monster Loot Edit

  • Bronze Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Lucky Random Box

Lucky Random Box Drop Edit

Random one of:

Event Reward NPCs Edit

Just inside the Gate in Rome:

  • Corrupt Official: sells up to 5 Gold Medals per day for 100 M gold each
  • Games President Acong: